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Portugese food in ...where?...RI? Elsewhere?

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Who can steer us to the real mccoy Portugese food and community in the New England area? We even speak the lingo...Suggestions?

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  1. Here's a link to a current discussion farther down the board on Portugese in Ct.
    I wish there was one closer to Berkshire Cty. I miss going to O Fado in Peabody!

    1. O Dinis. East Providence, RI

      Huge Portugese community here, enjoy!!!

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        If the grilled cuttlefish is on the menu, be sure to order it. It's great but I think it's a once-a-week special.

      2. The best info, ever, on this board for Portuguese comes from Louis, We haven't heard from him in awhile so I hope all is well. This link will get you started and there's also a link with-in the link, as well. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/329359

        I would advise you to click on Louis' avatar and look at the rest of his posting for even more info.

        1. Don't forget Europa Cafe on Central St. Lowell, kind of between Cavalero's and Friends. And I hear they've added "Brazilian Night" on Friday, though I haven't been in a while.
          But as far as "real mccoy" it's New Bedford and Fall River where there is almost a Portuguese restaurant or grocery on every block and Portuguese influence even at restaurants that don't consider themselves Portuguese.

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            I agree. Just drive around Fall River or New Bedford and go into virtually any restaurant, bakery, or food store.

            The Fox Point neighborhood in Providence is largely Portuguese (or was---lately parts have been taken over by Brown students)--try the Silver Star Bakery on Ives Street for extremely tasty sweet bread and Madeira liquor store, also on Ives, for a selection of Portuguese wines. I think there's also a meat market on Gano Street (which is one block down from Ives).

            O'Dinis in East Providence is a favorite of my Portuguese boss. She also likes Madeira, which is down the street, but not as much.

          2. Sagres on Columbia St in Fall River has a good reputation. I haven't eaten there in two or three years but I enjoyed it back then.

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              We ate at Sagres about two weeks ago and the food was quite good. The pork steak, which was a special that night, was tender and delicious. Shrimp Mozambique was another favorite. The waitstaff was very professional and accomodating.

            2. I love Lowell, Ma's Cavalaro's and Friends and heard great things about IV Seasons too but haven't tried yet. Cavalaro's won a recent award at the Winter Carnival.

              1. There is a large Portugese population in Ludlow Mass near Springfield. There are a variety of restaurants, the best by far being Primavera. Delightful atmosphere, friendly service and very good food at low prices. I think the owners are from the Evora area of Portugal. Delicious clams and pork and potatos dish, baccalau braz, steak on a hot rock. Plus some really nice wines from Duoro region. There are also Portugese bakeries and food shops in Ludlow.

                1. I heard the Portugese Club in Hudson, MA now has dining open to the public. Can anyone confirm, and, how is it?

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                    Angel Food -

                    Here is the link http://www.hudsonportugueseclub.org/

                    The club has a new building... pretty snazzy from what it was once was. I haven't eaten at the club but my MIL went to a function there recently. She said the food was very good and that she had a fun time.
                    The menu for their restaurant is posted on their website. Will ask around for other opinions and post.

                    1. re: Lilibet

                      Hi Lilibet,
                      Whoops! I just found their "other" website.The full name is The Riverview Restaurant & Bar and from the pictures, it looks nice. It also appears to have an alfreco option. I'm going! Here's that other link; http://www.riverviewhpc.com/restauran...


                      The Riverview Restaurant & Bar
                      13 Port St, Hudson, MA 01749

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                        Hi Mr. H:

                        Boy you sure can navigate! I didn't see that link.

                        Am not so sure about the alfresco dining. The Assabet is in much better condition these days, but it still has a "distinct" aroma... which means it's a far cry from Eau de Chanel.
                        I might be tempted if I had a cold....! ;-)


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                          "Boy you sure can navigate!"

                          Yup, Sade was singin' 'bout me in "Smooth Operator"!
                          Only one problem, I can't stand Sade. My heart belongs to Bonnie Raitt.

                          Kidding aside, they do have a picture on their website of a nice sunny patio.


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                            Therefore... the Assabet river doesn't afford the best of smells. Get my drift?

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                              Maybe they issue gas mask or have big floral centerpieces, then?

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                                Sorry to hear that the Assabet still smells. Having grown up in Leominster, I remember when the Nashua River would run different colors, depending on what the plastics factories were making that week. The purple was especially pretty....

                    2. Primavera (Spring) on Main Rd in Tiverton has been popular with local Portuguese forever. Bristol RI, Warren, and Fall River all have local Portuguese restaurants that serve sizable Portuguese populations.

                      1. Not a great portugese restraunt but the brick alley pub in newport has a portugese little necks clams dish which is outstanding. It won an award in Bon appetite. Clams, tomatoes onions wine chourico and cilantro. The broth is heaven with crusty bread. I made it for my family at the Bristol 4th of July to raves of joy. So either go try it in newport or get the recipe at epicurious.com

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                          I was wondering if you would mind sending me/posting the recipe for Brick Alley's clams? I live in Newport, and love that dish. Thanks so much.

                          1. re: vandersails

                            I got it off epicurious.com. All the Bonappetit and gourmet magazine recipes are posted there.


                        2. Bridgeport CT has a large Portuguese community. Many restaurants...Omanel on Main Street is one of the best known. Also Carmelinas, in the downtown area.

                          1. Antonio's in New Bedford is where I would direct anyone looking for great portugese meal.

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                              I'm a huge fan of their Pork Ribadajana. Cubes of cooked-to-death pork with littlenecks and shimp in a rich pork stock/paprika/garlic sauce. It's served in a battered aluminum pan with cubes of fried potato on top. You can eat until you explode and still have enough leftovers for several more meals.

                            2. We have a place in Manchester Ct. that advertises it self to be a Portugese food serving Restaurant, Its called the Oak St. Pub and Restaurant. Cannot vouch for the foods authenticity ,but its been in business for a while, Maybe some one else who has been there can shed a little light on this Restaurant,

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                                Antonios in new bedford is great,especially since you cant smoke in the bar side.the portions are huge,enough for dinner for two,lunch for two the next day,with leftovers for later!!!!i love those fish cake appies too,the alentajane with shrimp and clams is the king here,bring your appetitte. The cafe central in bristol is real close to home,and has the best shrimp mozanbique since the old Gertrudes Galley in middletown,now that was a great place!!!!

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                                  Cinderella's on Columbia St in Fall River. Husband and wife team. Good solid food correctly done. Had a nice time on my last visit

                              2. Medeira in East Providence is a local favorite:

                                1. Silver Star Bakery is the best Portuguese bakery in Rhode Island!

                                  It's located at 150 Ives St Providence, RI 02906

                                  It's definitely a "must-try." Enjoy!