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Jul 16, 2007 05:57 PM

Portugese food in ...where?...RI? Elsewhere?

Who can steer us to the real mccoy Portugese food and community in the New England area? We even speak the lingo...Suggestions?

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  1. Here's a link to a current discussion farther down the board on Portugese in Ct.
    I wish there was one closer to Berkshire Cty. I miss going to O Fado in Peabody!

    1. O Dinis. East Providence, RI

      Huge Portugese community here, enjoy!!!

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      1. re: booper

        If the grilled cuttlefish is on the menu, be sure to order it. It's great but I think it's a once-a-week special.

      2. The best info, ever, on this board for Portuguese comes from Louis, We haven't heard from him in awhile so I hope all is well. This link will get you started and there's also a link with-in the link, as well.

        I would advise you to click on Louis' avatar and look at the rest of his posting for even more info.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Don't forget Europa Cafe on Central St. Lowell, kind of between Cavalero's and Friends. And I hear they've added "Brazilian Night" on Friday, though I haven't been in a while.
            But as far as "real mccoy" it's New Bedford and Fall River where there is almost a Portuguese restaurant or grocery on every block and Portuguese influence even at restaurants that don't consider themselves Portuguese.

            1. re: IreneC

              I agree. Just drive around Fall River or New Bedford and go into virtually any restaurant, bakery, or food store.

              The Fox Point neighborhood in Providence is largely Portuguese (or was---lately parts have been taken over by Brown students)--try the Silver Star Bakery on Ives Street for extremely tasty sweet bread and Madeira liquor store, also on Ives, for a selection of Portuguese wines. I think there's also a meat market on Gano Street (which is one block down from Ives).

              O'Dinis in East Providence is a favorite of my Portuguese boss. She also likes Madeira, which is down the street, but not as much.

          2. Sagres on Columbia St in Fall River has a good reputation. I haven't eaten there in two or three years but I enjoyed it back then.

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              We ate at Sagres about two weeks ago and the food was quite good. The pork steak, which was a special that night, was tender and delicious. Shrimp Mozambique was another favorite. The waitstaff was very professional and accomodating.