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Jul 16, 2007 05:20 PM

Pizza Seca

I just spent a week in Italy, and at two separate bakeries in two parts of the country, I bought a flat bread, almost a thick cracker, filled with olive oil & sesame & sunflower seeds. It looked like it had been a really wet dough, cooked in a rectangular pan. The second place said it was called Pizza Seca. I can't find anything like it, either in my books or on the web. Anyone know? I found it slightly addictive.

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  1. What I'm going to recommend unfortunately cannot be placed in the same category as pizza. These are more like flatbreads or thick crackers and are *very* good and very crunchy ("seriously" crunchy). If it's any consolation, the ingredients list has two of the three ingredients you're looking for.

    Look --->

    1. Was it made with chickpea flour? That kind of snack goes by the name panelle in the south, and socca in the north.

      1. Where in Italy were you; the cooking there is so regional that knowing what large city/region you were in might help?

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          Thanks, I should have said that. Both cities in Marche - Ancona, and one just south. I would never have called it a pizza, but the woman who sold it to me called it pizza seca. I would have said thick, crunchy but not dry tasting (because of all the olive oil) cracker. I don't know if it has chickpea flour or not - just that I could see the sunflower seeds & taste the sesame. It looked like it was probably easy to make. I thought once I had a name I'd be able to find it, but no such luck.