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Jul 16, 2007 04:41 PM

Toronto Chowhound needs N.H. recs

I will be visiting my cottage near Northwood, N.H. for the first 2 weeks in August with my family. Any recomendations for dining out or festivals in the area would be appreciated. I'm not looking for anything too high end, just good, quality chow.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. I am also willing to travel.

    1. I'm not that familiar with the area, but it looks like your best bets are going to be in Dover, Durham and Portsmouth. Unfortunately, the Deerfield Fair is in September--it's one of the great country fairs. Once you get here, check the Union Leader for listings of events.

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        Northwood is close to Pittsfield. I should have been more specific. What I'm really interested in is finding any hidden local gems that a visitor wouldn't hear about. Any great bakeries within driving distance?

      2. If you are into baking, you should really see about a trip to the King Arthur Flour Baker's Store in Norwich VT. EVERYTHING a baker could want. We are huge fans. Worth a day trip. You can Mapquest it or check out their website.

        1. For a little extra driving time, you can have an excellent lunch at the 6-burner bistro in Plymouth, NH. They serve both lunch and dinner. Lunch runs from $2-$7 (portions are huge) and dinner from $8-$20. I would highly recommend this spot! The chef is extremely talented--he runs many old favorites, but with a twist, such as manchego steak and cheese, sesame-seed crusted salmon with wasabi, lobster mac and cheese. Seafood is always super fresh, and he gets all his veggies and fruits from Owen's, a local farm, so it is deliciously fresh all the time. I had the best sugar-snap peas of my life there! Please check out The Six-Burner Bistro in Plymouth, NH. It is excellent food for awesome prices!

          It's only about 20 mins on the highway--jump on 93 to exit 26, take a right off the exit, go around the roundabout and towards town, and past the laundromat accross from rite aid is the bistro. enjoy!

          1. You are very close to Concord, NH, lots a good recs in Concord.

            Siam Orchid - excellent thai food
            Hermanos - excellent mexican
            Angelinas - excellent upscale Italian
            Cheers - fun casual, pub food
            The Barley House - excellent burgers

            Can't think of the place that everyone raves about on Loudon Rd. for awesome ice cream (homemede), I think you can eat outside. (been wanting to try myself) It used to be an old Dairy Queen I think.

            If you search under Concord, you'll find a lot of others favorites in Concord too. Most are downtown. Lots of chains out on Loudon Rd. that basically turns into Rt.4 going into Northwood.

            Concord should have some free concerts downtown every Tues and Thurs - check the paper when you get in town. Not sure though, I used to live in Concord.

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              It's called Arnie's Place--they also do passable bbq.

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                There's a tiny hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant in downtown Franklin and free Sunday evening concerts in Tilton. Most people bring a picnic supper and lawn chairs. Different type of music each week. I know it's now a food festival but going someplace with a picnic supper is fun. In Concord, Bread and Chocolate on South Main St is a wonderful bakery. It's across the street from the Concord Food Coop which is an unusual place to find cooked food but they do have a small salad and hot food bar plus a few tables both indoors and out. Last night the Concord Monitor got the word out about the new bbq place in Boscawen NH. The Smokeshack is located not far off Rt 93/Exit 17 on Rt 3/4. It's been take-out only until now (or soon) but they are opening an indoor dining room. Have not had their ice cream. They sell Jordan's which I understand is homemade. I thought they were fairly new but their barbecue business has been catering at the Loudon race track and other NASCAR tracks as well as private parties. The beef brisket place is enough for two meals. Great tasting sides including good cole slaw (hard to find nowadays). Our son says the barbecue sampler is also enough for two.
                If you want some nice kebabs to grill, Quality Cash Market at exit 16/Rt 93 have a great variety.
                Not exactly a food festival but look at what's happening at surrounding towns that are holding Old Home Day events. Some are big events, others are low key. Salisbury NH (Take Exit 17 off Rt 93 and then follow Rt 4) has a terrific chicken bbq with a variety of salads and a wonderful spiced mint ice tea that the church ladies make. Not sure but I think it's Aug 11 this year. I think it's only served like 12-4 and I wouldn't wait until 4. They don't use a tomato based bbq sauce. It's just vinegar based. If you are in Concord for lunch, In a Pinch Cafe has the best sandwiches and soups. See their website for daily specials. The cold peach soup is fabulous. There are 2 cafes now. The new one with the best parking is in the old Blue Cross Building on South Main St. Park in back. The cafe is right on the first floor.
                Otherwise I'd head to Portsmouth.