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Dinner Sat. Night in Westchester

Rare Sat. night out alone with my husband (no kids). Looking for reasonably priced and good food. Nothing fancy or romantic. Did some research and made reservations at both Cafe Mirage and Frodos. Anyone have an opinion on one versus the other? Let me know.

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  1. I haven't eaten at Cafe Mirage, but I was unimpressed with Frodo's. I can appreciate the rare adults-only dinner out, so here was my review:


    Have fun wherever you wind up!

    1. Cafe Mirage is really crowded and loud on Saturday nights. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you want someplace you can hear yourself talk and not be elbow-to-elbow with diners at neighboring tables, it's not the place. I have eaten there many times and have always thought it a good place for interesting, tasty reasonably priced food. That said, last time we were there (a few months ago) we had a horrible meal, and my husband and I remarked that we hoped this was an aberration and not a downhill trend. If you do end up going, please report back.

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        Frodos will probably be really crowded, too, but I can't say anything negative about the food or service. We've eaten there many times (though never on a Sat night) and have always been very happy. The fennel salad and the scallops (in fact, all the fish and seafood) are terrific.

      2. try the new location of acuario? we have been wanting to try it since reading the shining reviews. do a chow search .also, indian in various towns is usually lower cost and at times byob and quiet.

        1. I had lunch at Frodo's once. It was ok, but I wouldn't rush back. Mirage is very convenient for us, so we have been many times. It is small and loud on a Sat. night. My favorite thing there is the veggie burger. I'm not sure it's worth the trip from tarrytown. It's fine, just nothing great.

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            I am puzzled. I keep thinking it is just me that doesn't have a 'let's go to XXXX on Saturday!' place, but from the responses here, is it not just me?

            Mr. dolores and I go through this all the time. When I don't want fancy or uber expensive, I just can't come up with a place, the place, our place.

            Yes, Le Provencal in Mamaroneck is consistently good, and Silvio's makes me happy for Italian, but...then what?

            I don't get it.

          2. Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains? Comfortable not fancy. Good food not great. Moderately priced. American pub food if that makes any sense at all. Basically not new American but some comfort stuff and some a bit more adventurous.

            An American Bistro in Tuckahoe? Similar to above but very different type of atmosphere. Sam's feels more "active" although not crazy loud. Bistro is a bit more sedate and less "clubby" feeling. I prefer Sam's atmosphere.

            1. My husband and I ate at Cafe Mirage a couple months ago and were not impressed at all.

              What about Watermoon in Rye?

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                Watermoon is part of the Alan Lee empire, and thus the food is quite good. Service is spotty, however, as well as an overwhelmingly high noise level. Penang in Greenwich has basically the same food and flavors, at somewhat lower prices, and a lot lower noise level. (Penang is also an Alan Lee property)

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                  Watermoon? Salty, loud, and terrible service. Skip it and visit one of Rye's other great restaurants. The last time we ate there, we vowed never again and the poor waitstaff was about to stage a mutiny from being abused.

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                    And still I sit and wonder. Why ARE there no consistently very good (I've given up on great) places in Westchester? I imagine those in Manhattan have a laugh reading this board!

                    I just read that Global Gatherings served a drink half full. Huh? And that Cafe Mirage is not what it was before it renovated. I just had dinner at Zen Tango and that's it, I'm done with them.

                    I'm having a birthday dinner at Pinocchio tonight, and say what you will about them, I am happy with their food and service (when Tarcisio is there) and their pricing. I don't need or want Blue Hills, I don't want to pay $150. a person (which stupid restaurant in Westchester charged that?), and I don't want snobby service in exchange for outstanding food.

                    So, it seems that I have to settle for very good and so be it.

                    Westchester restauranteurs, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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                      Sorry dolores, I wasn't very clear on the other thread and I did correct it, but I think your referring to my comment about a half full drink but actually I was talking about Harvest on Hudson. Sorry about the confusion. Still have not been to Global Gatherings. But I have been to Pinocchio some time ago and we really enjoyed it. good choice.

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                        No problem, GIOny, thanks for the clarification.

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                          Had drinks at Harvest a few weeks ago and my full size drink - for $11 was only half the size of a normal drink elsewhere and if you took the ice out... a few sips. But it sure is purty.

                  2. I am guesing that by now you've already eaten and I hope it was enjoyable - I will admit (all too quickly) that Westchester is not the City (or Brooklyn - my true home) but there are more than a few mostly consistent restaurants and usually yummy (in my opinion) - Moscato and Lusardi's, Le Provencal, Toll Gate Steakhouse, Bengal Tiger, Toyo, Sushi Mike, Trotter', City Limits, Bayou - and I could probably add some more if I sat longer - The ambiance factor of this list is all over but to me an adult-only night out is enjoyable practically anywhere

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                      Yes, we went to Cafe Mirage. See my post above.

                      It was a nice relaxing night out. We sat outside (practically in the parking lot) but didn't have to worry about cutting food, sippy cups or crayons and paper.

                      Interested in some of your suggestions. We haven't been to all of them, but will look into them. City Limits we've been to many times.