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Jul 16, 2007 03:58 PM

Low-cost hall and caterer for bar mitzva in Brook

I am looking for a low-cost place for a bar mitzva in Brooklyn in March, 2008. We are looking to have a dairy brunch on a Sunday, for 120-150 people. Can anyone recommend a reception hall with or without a caterer, and a caterer who has decent food at a reasonable cost? The hall does not have to be in a shul, just a presentable place; the caterer does have to be kosher.


-- Emacat

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  1. I can't recommend a hall, but I recommend Hunki's of Plainview, who do a terrific job at a reasonable cost.Speak to Steve. I'm pretty sure that they would cater your affair in Brooklyn.

    telephone # 516-870-0435

    1. For dairy, yes Steve from Hunki's/Ackerstein Caterers will do a nice job-- I've been to brunch-type affairs that they've caterered.

      Brooklyn Bagel, Bagel Hole or Garden of Eat In (all in Flatbush) may caterer to a location.

      As for halls, perhaps you'd like to try:
      Congregation Nachlath Zion (Sheepshead Bay) they have a room and can approve caterers to bring in and can probably suggest a few.

      You may be able to rent a room at a shul or local yeshiva.

      Also check Brooklyn Jewish newspapers for ads for locations and caterers.

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        Another type of place that you can rent is a lodge hall (American Legion, VFW, Elks,etc.) I have been to simchas that have used these inexpensive venues and have brought in their own caterer.