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Jul 16, 2007 03:47 PM

Vietnamese for 6 or 7 in Chinatown: Any recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good Vietnamese place at which a party of six or seven people will be comfortable? I am looking for a place in Chinatown or very close to it. This is for dinner, not a lunch, later this week. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Just want to caution first off that New York is not really known for its Vietnamese cuisine. That being said, you will find pretty decent pho and accountrements at Nha Trang on Centre between Walker and White in Chinatown. You can probably get the staff to move some tables together for six.

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      I actually prefer Nha Trang on 87 Baxter. The food there is much tastier. There's also Pho Bang on 157 Mott St. which is pretty good too. NYC has a really small Vietnamese population, so you won't find outstanding Viet restaurants as you would out west, Houston or New Orleans.

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        I like the Baxter location as well, but the tables are tiny and seating is crowded! At least, last time I went there. It has been two years.

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          It's true that it's a tiny place, but they do have at least 4 tables that can accommodate at least 6-7 people. I've brought in a party of 10 before and they were really great about seating us.

    2. You can also try Thaison on Baxter Street. I have seen plenty of big parties dining there.

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        New Pho Pasteur (great Kho!) (First choice)
        Pho Du Tu (second choice, over on the Bowery.)

        Both good - but go with New Pho first...! (Not overly fancy, but the food is good.)

        1. It's true that NYC is not really known for Viet cuisine but Xe Lua, a new place on Mulberry right below Canal just opened and it's great. The ownership seems to be Vietnamese and not Chinese-Vietnamese. Everything we've had (besides the spring rolls) has been pretty good. Not your typical Chinatown Vietnamese fare

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