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Jul 16, 2007 03:39 PM

LAS VEGAS EATS? [moved from Manhattan board]

We are off to Las Vegas and can't decide where to eat. We are big NYC foodies and don't want to eat at a second rate version of an original....i.e. Michael Mina, Nobu, etc when we have eaten in the original. Any suggestions for a MUST EAT in Vegas???

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  1. Vegas is chock full o' "sister restaurants" but I wouldn't call all of them second-rate versions. Unless you've compared ALL of the originals to their Las Vegas counterparts, you can't make that statement.

    But I digress - MUST EAT's in Vegas for me are the following:

    Guy Savoy ( Original in France - never been but this meal was to die for )
    Craftsteak ( Original in NY - never been but this is my favorite all-around meal in Vegas )
    Bouchon ( Original in CA - never been but this outpost serves up immaculate food )

    ... and of course two Las Vegas exclusives:

    Lotus of Siam and Rosemary's. Both are one-of-a-kind experiences that will leave you craving more.

    1. the problem for a nyc foodie in las vegas is that there are too many good restaurants, and not enough time. the best of the best, imho, are, in no particular order, alex and bartolotta at the wynn, atelier de robuchon at the mgm (yes, there is a nyc branch, but this one is great) and picasso and prime at the bellagio. but i could name 15 more that are super. this is food lover's paradise.

      1. Ditto on the love for Lotus of Siam and Rosemary's. Other good choices (all non-casino): Pasta Shop and Ristorante; Grape Street Cafe; Firefly's (fun Tapas)

          see my recent post. def try Bartolotta. amazing.
          i like bouchon, but more for breakfast or lunch than dinner.
          where are you staying>?

          1. We had the most amazing meal at SW in Wynn. It's billed as a steakhouse, and indeed, there are marvelous steaks but also much more. I had wagyu beef with digby scallops the size of my head that were so succulent and flavourful, and the beef perfectly done and fork tender with amazing flavour. Really a great experience all round - view of the show on the waterfall, excellent service (we counted 11 different people who served us but still they were attentive and careful) and the meal cost as much as our hotel did for the five nights but was more than worth it.