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Jul 16, 2007 02:55 PM

Mole Restaurant on Lower East Side - Who has been?

I have heard there is a new Mexican place on Allen called Mole, owned by the same who own Taco Taco uptown.
Has anyone been? What is the ambience like, and food? I hear it is a BYO.

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  1. Yum! The guacamole made at the table is particularly addictive. The food shows thoughtful preparation. Portions sizes are ample and the prices are cheaper than Mercadito and Rosa Mexicano. The space is small but quaint. There are no windows that open to the street but the atmosphere is festive. It is still BYOB, but there is a deli/liquor store next door.

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      Thanks! I will have to give it a try. I can be picky so hopefully the menu is ample.

    2. Does anyone know if it is open on Sundays? I really want to try this place, if you can't tell...

      1. Tried Mole today. I really don't like to eat Mexican food in NYC, it never compares to what I've had in San Diego. Mole is small (about 25 seats plus the bar). It has been open about 3 months. Owners also run Taco Taco on 2nd & 89th. I had the guacamole made tableside and my server (an architecture student from Mexico working in NYC for the summer) even asked me how much fresh jalapeno I wanted in it. The guac had a touch too much lime, but otherwise delicious! I've only had better when I've made it at home or had it in Utah or at Rosa Mexicano (all three places made it tableside!). I had a tamale with chicken wrapped in the traditional fresh banana leaves. Nice. I also had a salad with ancho crusted warm goat cheese and citrus vinaigrette. Menu said baby spinach it was actually mixed greens (with some tomato and cucumber). I broke my rule of getting the dressing on the side and the salad had too much dressing. They still do not have a liquor license so it is BYOB (not a bad thing). I definitely plan to go back and will probably try the huevos rancheros, chiles rellenos or a fish entree next. The guacamole was the best thing I had. Service was excellent. The menu is pretty extensive.

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          Sounds good, but what's the point in making the guacamole at the table? I spent almost a month in California this summer, had several great Mexican meals, and never once did anyone make the guacamole at the table.

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            The only point is you know it's fresh (taste buds can also tell you).

        2. Do you know the address or phone number?

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            See here:

            205 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

          2. Yeah there really i s no point making the guac tableside. The place is tiny and I feel bad for the guys making it because they have to bring out this giant set up and make it while others are going back and forth around him. Also don't be fooled by the prices. 9 bucks is a steal for guac but its a smaller portion. You pay the same old ridiculous price of 14$ for a serving of guac the size of what you get at Rosa's Mexicano.

            That being said, I have only been to Mole once. The BYOB thing is cool. We brought some tequila for 11 bucks and the guy behind the bar made us great margaritas with it at 4 bucks a pop. They won't charge for beer or wine though.

            My friend had the tortilla soup which tasted like canned tomato juice with thickener. I had the chicken enchiladas verde. Not nearly enough chicken and chicken is not that expensive ya know? I'm used to generous portions of Mexican food because I'm from LA. The verde was okay. I've never had good salsa verde in NY. Wouldn't order this dish again.

            The have a written menu of specials, Lupe's specials I think. I would try those instead . The refried beans and rice tasted just like home.