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Jul 16, 2007 02:44 PM

fun & tasty place for 7 of us in soho? ( or close by? )

hi all

i posted a while back about 7 of us moms coming to nyc in august...i asked about little italy because thats where we are spending the night but i realize from the board we do NOT want to eat there.... about a place in soho for 7 county moms that are away for the night with no children and no husbands and just want to have a great time with great food. i am thinking american/seafood/italian/steak....nothing too crazy or ethnic, i think we might have a couple picky eaters.

if it helps, my sister ( who is going too ) and i went to balthazar last year and LOVED it.

thank you!

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  1. I just went to Aurora Soho (new Italian place) on Saturday. Some of the food was uneven, but there were some really good dishes, and the space is really nice and cozy.

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      1. aurora-- is really great food and nice dark relaxed atmosphere.
        raoul's on prince street is very ny, fun, glam, great bar for a cocktail, and amazing steak. a classic bistro with a fun clientle.
        and for more of a splurge fiamma. wonderful.