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Jul 16, 2007 02:14 PM

Searching for the best hotdog in PDX

A couple of months ago, gourmet magazine put out a little ditty on a hot dog shack in PDX..i must have tossed the magazine and i"m hoping someone knows what I'm talking about...any takers?

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  1. Don't know what Gourmet said, but the best two, imo, are Zach's Shack and Superdog. Zach's Shack is open late, too.


    1. Threw out your Gourmet? Blasphemy! I just moved to PDX and was pleased to see the brief on Otto's. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it sounds like a worthwhile trek. It's at 4138 SE Woodstock.

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        Forgot to include the Web site. In dog we trust! Enjoy!

        Otto's Sausage Kitchen
        4138 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

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          Ah, yeah, that's right, the Sterns, of Roadfood fame gave them that honor. I like Otto's, though I prefer to just buy sausages there and eat them at home, though since they're so far away I usually get mine at German Sausage, German Bakery, or Gartner's. Yeah, it's kind of a funky setup there with the outdoor grill. Is it only at lunch? I'd be happier if their buns and accompaniments were better quality.