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Jul 16, 2007 02:02 PM

Wedding Anniversary

It's only been 6 months (this Friday), but I thought it would be fun to have a nice dinner to celebrate! I want it to be something more special than a place we might go out to dinner usually, but at the same time it doesn't need to be a blow out (we'll save that for 1 year+). Some ideas I had (thought it would be interesting to go somewhere neither of us has been for dinner) included: Perry Street, Fleur De Sel (we've been here, but not in a while), Gotham, Toqueville and Bouley. A friend reccomended Cafe Gray, but I'm sort of concerned that's going to be pricier / fancier than necessary. Any suggestions / comments about my ideas? I always have a hard time picking. Thanks!

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  1. You certainly can't go wrong by going back to Fleur de Sel. It's always been one of our favorites, and we recently had a superb tasting dinner there.

    We also recently had dinner at Tocqueville. Though we've eaten there a number of times in the past, this was our first time in their new location. Grander than the old space with a sophisticated elegance. Chef/owner Marco Moreira is very much on his game, and the food we had was fabulous.

    A couple of other possibilities...

    Eleven Madison Park is our #1 favorite NYC restaurant right now. Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is exquisite, the wine list is excellent, service is both cordial and polished, and the space is gorgeous! If you go, the duck for two is not to be missed!

    We've been to Veritas many times, and it never disappoints. Chef Scott Bryan's New American cuisine is not overly-complicated but always delicious. Of course, the restaurant is known for its extraordinary wine list. Service is pleasant and professional. The small dining room has stylish contemporary decor. If you go, be sure you are seating in the dining room and not in the front room near the bar.

    Happy 6 Months Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

    1. I think Perry St., Fleur de Sel, and Bouley would all be nice for a wedding anniversary celebration. Perry St. I haven't been to the others. Perry St. is the most modern/hip of the 3. Fleur de Sel is the most understated. Bouley is traditionally formal.

      1. Gotham is one of my favorite places--it's consistently great. Also, I loved Cru and would definitely suggest it. My boyfriend and I went there recently and were really impressed. Everything we ate was delicious. The restaurant has the longest wine list (two books worth) I've ever seen. We also enjoyed Del Posto if you can get a reservation for this Friday.

        Since it's restaurant week, Perry Street might be booked already. And, while I wouldn't complain about it, I wasn't overly impressed there, either.

        In any case, enjoy your anniversary and please report back after!