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Jul 16, 2007 01:47 PM

Great Restaurants in Tucson?

My parents, who recently moved to Tucson, are celebrating their 25th anniversary this week-end. We'd like to buy them a gift certificate for dinner. Any suggestions of a really nice place for two non-drinkers in their late 60's/early 70's? We'd like to spend, say, $100 - $150.


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  1. Several possibilities come to mind: Vivace or Acacia, both at St Philip's Plaza offer good food and service . I think either would be good for a slightly-older couple - Acacia would be my preference of the two

    I'm sure more suggestions will be forthcoming from Tucson hounds.

    1. If they don't drink (and $150 is your budget), Janos and The Grill at Hacienda del Sol are both great special occasion places. You can also never go wrong with Vivace. I'm not quite so big a fan of Acacia. $100 will cover non-drinkers at Vivace, might be a bit light at Acacia and is definitely not enough for Janos or The Grill.

      1. What kind of atmosphere do your parents like? Traditional? Modern? For modern, Primo's is my favorite restaurant at that price range, followed by Janos. The food at Acacia was somewhat odd (in concept and execution). For traditional, Vivace's food is good but a bit "old-fashioned." If you can afford a bit more, the Arizona Inn and Ventana Room are both lovely.

        1. Number 1 would be the Ventana Room, Lowe's Ventana Canyon (a Search should yield my fairly recent reviews, but I do not have the link handy). Great room, service, food and wine, though I see that the wine is not the thing for them.

          Number 2 would be Janos, at La Paloma. Fabulous food and service. Great wine too, but I learned my lesson early on.

          I have had great recent recs. for Anthony's at the Catalinas from major foodies - one writes cook books and does food-oriented media tours. They both tell me that it is great - food, service and, here it comes, the wine.

          These are all in north Tucson, nestled against, or almost so, the Catalinas.