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Jul 16, 2007 01:26 PM

Tasty variations on Iced Tea?

It's hot in Texas. Real hot. I want to make some refreshing, sparkly, and delicious iced teas this week. Anyone have any fresh ideas in the way of marrying fruits/herbs/ and maybe sweeteners and varieties of tea? I am pretty much open to anything: black, green, herbal, white, unusual origins and fruits, types of sweeteners, etc. And out of curiosity, what is the hip new sweetener these days? Not that I care too much, but I heard my agave nectar is passé and I'm just curious as to what the kids are using these days. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I've been putting mint in mine and it is absolutely delicious. Nothing groundbreaking, but very refreshing. I use all kinds of tea - whatever is on hand. Tried a pomegranate tea that was good.

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      Mint is the only deviation in my iced tea. I really hate it when you order iced tea in a restaurant and they bring out some horrible house creation. It is a nasty trick to play on the unsuspecting. When they do that I make them take it away out of my sight and bring me iced water. I think the worst surprise was mango iced tea at the Florida culinary school in the Palm Beach area. They claimed it was the only tea that they had. I like mangoes but not in my tea and it certainly was not the right flavor to go with my food.

    2. Steep some ginseng in the tea.

      1. I like to use flavored green tea (brew it for less time than normal tea for icin). The BF loves rose/green tea, raspberry green tea. I have an automatic tea maker and when it is still hot in the pot I add splenda or some honey so it will dissolve then put in the fridge to cool. I doubt this is anything abnormal though.

        1. My mom makes fabulous iced tea out of the odds and ends tea bags that always seem to collect in the tea cabinet, what people give you or fruity teas that aren't great hot, or the green tea you bought to replace your coffee habit and never quite made the full transition to! You get lots of layers of flavor and complexity and use up old stuff! She also sometimes adds one serving of crystal light powder, mostly to use it up, but it's a nice sweetener and adds another flavor layer to it. I have recently done white tea and mint, which was very nice.

          1. While your tea is steeping, add some sliced ginger. If possible, let sit in hot tea for 10 minutes (after removing teabags), then pour over ice.
            Also cardamom is really good steeped in tea then iced. (Is steeped a word?)

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              I've kept ginger simple syrup in the fridge just to add to tea. It gives it a nice subtle kick and sweetens it at the same time.