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Jul 16, 2007 01:03 PM

Capital Grille

Going in a few weeks. Haven't seen many opinions


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  1. Its great, one of my top 3 favorite steakhouses in NY or any of their locations. Get the Porterhouse and the spicy calamari appetizer, you'll be set.

    1. Pretty ordinary. I'd go to one of the homegrown steakhouses in town instead.

      1. While I have not been to this particular outpost of Capital Grille chain , I have been to the one on Newbury Street in Boston. If your experience is similar to mine, this will not bode well for you. I started with the garden salad with the Parmesan peppercorn dressing, a mistake as it barely rises above the level of a good diner. Being a follower of steak tartar, I found their version of the classic marred by the inclusion of hard boiled egg; which was not only unwelcome but also sulfurous and overcooked. Finally, we come to the raison dÂ’etre of the place, the steak. I had the 24oz porterhouse, and while it was cooked to the correct temperature, medium rare; it lacked the appropriate sear. Worse though, was the quality of the meat, it lacked a good beefy flavor and instead had an oddly sweet soy sauce like taste. As for side dishes, we had gratin potatoes, which were good, but unremarkable. In a city with so many good steakhouses, it would be a shame to waste a meal at this unremarkable chain resaurant, especially with new and interesting local offerings opening hourly, as it seems. If you are looking for a more classic steakhouse vibe I would go with Keens. If you are more adventurous Craftsteak, a fantastic room . If you or members of your party are committed to capital grille, good luck.