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Jul 16, 2007 12:48 PM

Alle Murate in Florence - worth it or no?

Looking for a "blow out" dinner in Florence. Alle Murate looks interesting, but how is the food? I understand it is not inexpensive (200E for 2 (?)), which is fine if the food quality and dining experience warrant it. Can anyone who has been since they moved to via Proconsolo shed any light?

Also note that Il Ritrovo, which was once all the rave on this board, is no longer mentioned. What happened?

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  1. I'm on the same mission - how good is the food and how much?

    You don't seem to have had much luck in your appeal to Chowhounders - have you picked up any info elsewhere that you can share?

    1. Il Ritrovo changed owners a few years ago. I have not read anything about the place since then. I am not sure that I would agree that Florence is the place for a hugely expensive that price point you might be surrounded by fellow tourists...

      1. Florentine food is essentially a plain cuisine - meat - beans - vegetables, mainly.

        There are some "fancy" restaurants in Florence - Il Pinchiorri, etc. - but they are not particularly florentine. Our experience going upscale on our last visit yielded the least satisfying meal of the trip - its not a good idea to go against the grain of a place. Do a search and you will find reviews of some of the more recommended places - as I recall, La Giostra was one.

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          yes, there is a ton of great Florence info on this board.

          Here's one:


        2. Alle Murate is not known for Tuscan food...I believe the owners are from the south..Basilicata. Wouldn't you want to eat more local cuisine?

          I am a big fan of Il Guscio..I wrote it up in my little food report early in 2006...we te there twice in a week we liked it so much. 100 Euro would cover a great dinner for two, more if you go upscale on the wines..

          1. I just got back from a trip to rome, venice, and florence. To celebrate our anniversary, my wife and I ate a "high end" dinner at Rossini's in Florence. The service was great, the wine list deep, and the food wonderful. Definitely worth the price for a special occassion but as jen wrote on this board not the most authentic florentine dinner. BTW, She had the red mullet and I had the grilled beef tagliata - delicious!