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Jul 16, 2007 12:44 PM

Delivery options in Alameda?

Can anyone recommend good delivery in Alameda? Like all kinds of food. Thanks!

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  1. For Chinese, Ching Hua in the Park Street market place. I've only tried it once; it's pretty popular. Andy's Chicken was the winner out of everything ordered - delicious.

    1. I hope someone comes along and says differently, but I'd have to say, No. The pizza is at best mediocre. The Chinese isn't much better (the better Chinese places don't deliver, except for Ark on Park St., which is decent Northern Chinese). The Mexican place that delivers is terrible. There are a couple of pizza places that have non-pizza options (Village on Park ST., which has a typical American-Italian menu, and A-Town, which has Afghan kababs, etc.), but I haven't tried them (they're actually two of the better pizza places in town, if you must have pizza delivered).

      I have in the past confessed an affection for Gim's Chinese Kitchen, but I hestitate to recommend it because it's inconsistent, and even at its best, it's "only" cheap Chinese-American comfort food, not fine Chinese cuisine. Actually, speaking of fine Chinese cuisine, I just remembered that Ching Hua delivers -- it's quite a bit more upscale than Gim's, and correspondingly more expensive. If you like upscale Chinese food geared toward Americans, you might want to check it out.

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        I'll agree completely with Ruth on this one. IMHO, Alameda is a delivery black hole, with perhaps a faint glimmer of hope from Ching Hua, whose garish trucks seem to whiz around town a lot. As far as Gim's goes, the owners are friendly and professional, the delivery prompt and the food reasonably priced and usually piping hot, but after a few bites, everything tastes the same. There is a pervasive salty, soy/umami flavor that takes over. And occasionally,the food tastes like it's been around awhile.
        Perhaps "Burritos on Wheels' was the most bizarrre. You'd place your order,
        and it wouldn't get delivered. One hour, two hours would elapse. You'd then call
        back irate, and they'd either tell you that "it's on its way" (it wouldn't show up)or tell you to slog off . Really.
        The Afghan kabobs at A-Town are-to put it nicely- different.
        Takeout Taxi used to have an Alameda franchise, but even they gave up.

      2. I wouldn't classify this as GREAT food, but it's GOOD food and something aside from pizza and chinese: Ohana Hawaiian BBQ, in that new Blanding shopping area. The combo plates are an enormous amount of protein. The Supa Bowls are a better portion for one, plus they include some stir fried veg. Unfortunately, mac salad doesn't come with this. Had the Spam Supa Bowl last week...yummmmm.

        Bowzer's Pizza is also tasty with nice, non-Italian toppings aslo, but their delivery times are long (1.5 hours on a Friday evening!)

        Ohana Hawaiian BBQ
        2661 Blanding Ave Ste B, Alameda, CA 94501

        Bowzer's Pizza
        1330 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501