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Jul 16, 2007 12:39 PM

Fabulous ethnic in San Jose?

Taking a business colleague to lunch or dinner in the San Jose area (we are staying in Fremont) and looking for a recommendation for a memorable lunch/dinner in the San Jose area, preferably of Indian/Afghan or any other ethhic derivation.

If there is something else that you absolutely fabulous that is more American, please recommend that too.

Much thanks!

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    1. Fremont has an area called "Little Kabul." Need I say more? Also, many Indians live in Fremont, hence many Indian restaurants. Are you asking for recommendations for the other side of the Bay ? nearer San Jose, or are you including Fremont in your inquiry?

      Here is a link to a Chowhound Thread on Little Kabul

      1. Menara is a Moroccan restaurant near the SJ airport that has belly dancers to entertain you while you eat. You sit on big pillows and eat communal dishes with your hands. The food is not stellar but it is an entertaining place IMO.

        1. Sunnyvale also has Kabul restaurant...a nice and consistently good Afghan restaurant. Biz appropriate as well.