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Jul 16, 2007 12:36 PM

HHI Report

Just got back from a week in Hilton Head and wanted to report on a few places. In the past we've done mostly "nice/fancy" dinners but have found that most places do not measure up. We decided this year to mix-it up. We did our usual must-eats: Sea Grass Grill and Mark Anthony's and added a few casual, now future must-eats.

1. Kenny B's: we ate breakfast here twice and plan on going for dinner during our next visit. Very casual--folks were coming straight from the beach. Mostly New Orleans fare--the beingnets were out of this world. Run by Kenny B and his wife--they are doing an awesome job--we will definitely be going back!

2. Market Street Cafe (at Coligny): Very casual and inexpensive. Great Greek food and pizzas. Family-owned, very friendly. A must-eat!

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  1. have heard good things about kenny b's. will keep these in mind thanks! my favorite place is redfish. for really casual, loved captain's seafood but they were just reopening in their new place across from coligny last year and i haven't heard if they're still as good. there are a lot of touristy, don't come out as well as the menu sounds places there. one of the grocery stores will steam shrimp that are amazing - bring them home with some good bread and a salad. mmmm...... :)