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Jul 16, 2007 12:22 PM

how to do a clam bake? [moved from the Boston board]

I'm going to spend a big birthday in Nantucket (see my post re Nantucket restaurants..) But I'm thinking now that a clam bake on the beach might be even better. Does anyone know how to do this??

Thanks all.

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  1. In the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine there is an article featuring exactly this. Here is the link from online:
    But you should check out the actual article, which is about the two chefs who own Straight Wharf on Nantucket. Never been, but it sounds great.

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    1. re: mineral

      I never realized a New England clambake was so different from the clambakes I've been having since I was a kid in Delaware!
      Very enlightening.