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Jul 16, 2007 11:49 AM

Thalassa in NYC?

I booked reservations for anniversary in Thalassa? From what I have read on the site I will not be disappointed? Are there good menu items for non meat-eaters (my wife) and I wasalso curious about the pricing on the menu.

The website makes it look fantastic and I look forward to having the dinner there. THank you for any input.

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  1. I have been to thalassa a couple times recently. It is primarily a fish-oriented high end greek restaurant. I found it to be very good although nothing really to write home about. Fresh fish, prepared in relatively simple ways (thats a good thing), and expensive.

    the decor is great, very cool interior design. I think this restaurant is a lot of flash with good substance. I would give it a 7.5 on food (le bernardin would be a 10 for fish restaurants)

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      any feedback on the prices on the menu? they were not on the website.

    2. Has anyone else been to this restaurant?

      Does the menu change - I was wondering if there were any veggie options as well? surprised not to see pita/hummus combo... seems like a staple that is almost needed.

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        I have been there many times; it is one of my personal favorites downtown. The menu changes occasionally, but not all that much. The only constant change is the fish selection. Desserts also sometimes change. I'm not sure about veggie options as it is a straightforward fish place. Also, in response to the hummus and pita comment, their omission makes sense when you consider that the focus of the restaurant is on Greek seafood dishes. They include some turf dishes for the sake of completeness, but you should imagine this restaurant as the product of a coastal village in Southern Greece.

        Price-wise, menu entrees will cost you from low 20s on up to the mid-30s. Depends on what you want, but the average is in the mid-to-high-20s. If you like fish, they have numerous types that are paid for by the pound. Those vary much more than the menu items, but I'd say mid-20s to mid-30s is a good guess.

        They have a great wine selection and an excellent sommelier. The decor is reminiscent of a ship, but abstract and high class. Also, if they have it in stock, you should try the rose sorbet. Same goes for the langostines.