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Jul 16, 2007 11:47 AM

Le Bernardin~tasting menu or ala carte?

I will be dining at L.B. later this week, and I never did the tasting menu here and I was curious. I have heard nothing but great things from friends, so I thought I would also ask my Chow buddies!!

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  1. you ordered off the regular menu last time you went? then tasting menu for sure.

    1. Look at what is on offer on the tasting menu and decide whether you would rather eat that or options from the a la carte. Last time we went we both decided the options on the tasting menu were a little ho hum compared to what was available a la carte. We ended up ordering a la carte and adding an extra dish. This let us make our own more interesting tasting menu for about the same price (I think the extra dish was $22-25). They were of course extremely gracious in meeting our request.