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Jul 16, 2007 11:38 AM

Cake Restaurant

Has Cake's new restaurant in Chestnut Hill opened yet?

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  1. nope.
    walked by today, looks like there's still lots of work to be done. (you can kinda peak through one of the windows).

    1. According to this article in The Local, they're hoping to open at the end of the month for breakfast and lunch only; dinner maybe some time in the fall.

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      1. re: kagoo

        Better yet. The space formerly occupied by Cake is going to be the new home of "Top of the Hill Market and Deli". And the old space is going to be a FRESH SEAFOOD market! All will be managed by the same crew. BTW they have the best tomatoes and corn to be had! Hands down. Plus it is nice place to have lunch!

      2. It's open.
        Haven't been in yet, but i just walked by it.

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        1. re: Bob Loblaw

          I walked by tonight and while the sign said it was open it looked to be anything but. Are they still gearing up for dinner service by being open only during the day, or was the place just dead because no one realized it was open?

          1. re: Laura D.

            As noted in the article in the Chestnut Hill Local, at this point they are serving breakfast and lunch only; they may start doing dinners at some later date. According to Michael Klein in today's Inquirer, they're hoping to start doing brunch soon. We walked over to check it out last night (knowing it would be closed); the space is lovely, of course. In that building, how could it not be? Looking forward to trying the food very soon.

            1. re: kagoo

              I hope they decide to do dinners. Chestnut Hill desperately needs a good restaurant.

              1. re: JanR

                I was only in briefly, but it seems like a nicer and larger version of the first place, which isn't really a "restaurant." I think of it mostly as a bakery that has table service. I'm hoping it stays that way, actually, even though I agree that C-Hill could use another good restaurant.

                1. re: Bob Loblaw

                  Had lunch at Cake on Saturday -- and the place was packed; not bad for the first week. The food was just excellent: one Caprese salad, one Greek salad, one chicken salad sandwich -- which, I realize, doesn't sound exciting, but the execution of all three was spot on, the ingredients are fresh, the presentation lovely. The menu features a soup of the day, seven or eight salads and as many sandwiches; prices are in the $7-range. Desserts were sinful: a tart-sized pecan pie, a lemon chiffon tart with blueberries, and a lemon square. Had a quick look at the breakfast menu, which sounded mouth-watering. I'll be a regular here, for sure. Other comments: service was very good; music was a tad wrong for the space -- it wasn't loud, but it had a bass line, and in a glass room with reeeaaallly high ceilings and a brick floor, and not much in the way of sound absorption, I think a little softly played classical or jazz would be better for the all-around noise level. Still -- I give Cake an A+. And yes -- please, please do dinners.

                  1. re: kagoo

                    Thanks. Do you know if they take reservations for busy weekend brunch lunch? Also, do they seem amenable to customers bringing wine?

                    1. re: AmblerGirl

                      Both good questions to which I don't know the answers (but would like to). Given the crowd at Saturday lunch (no line, but just about every table occupied over a 2-hour period), I'd hope they take reservations. Can't imagine why they would't be amenable to the wine idea (I sure like it!). Worth a phone call -- if I remember to do it, I'll post.