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Jul 16, 2007 11:23 AM

Blue Dahlia Bistro

Went to Blue Dahlia (formerly Dandelion Cafe) on E. 11th for lunch today. It was opening day so we got 50% off! The atmosphere was quaint and the food quite good. We had a yummy meat & cheese plate, roast beef sandwich, and mediocre basic salad. Overall, however, a delight! And, they serve what looks to be a fantastic breakfast all day.

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  1. I hope the atmoshphere has changed there as well as the clientele. I went one Sat around 12 to eat lunch and it was so prissy I almost couldn't finish eating although the food was pretty good(Tom. soup and Piemento cheese). Here is a place on the east side that reeks Birkenstock and Beemers. Too much for me!

    1. i went last night and really enjoyed it. never went to Dandelion, but my feeling is the best way to counteract the hipster clientele is to patronize a place often and bring/tell alot of friends. while the food and presentation at Blue Dahlia is cool & classy, i didn't find it "prissy". plus, i have a feeling that the TXRD influence will keep it from getting too precious, customer-wise. overall i found it fresh, cozy and delicious. agreat additional to the Austin food scenery.

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        Thank you for your review but what is TXRD influence?

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          TXRD is Texas Roller Derby. I think she is saying that because of the close proximity to rollergirl HQ, The Blue Dahlia Cafe will possibly not become too "hipster/precious" in its clientele. Although I might think the opposite effect might occur since TXRD is so popular....

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          We went by last night just to peruse the menu and check out the revised interior. What a pleasant transformation. The Dandelion annoyed me with it's entire kindergarten/lunch box aesthetic: Little containers of fruit loops? Bright plastic dinnerware? Big wedges of raw, red delicious apple on a salad? I felt like they should provide crayons and peanut butter for dipping on every table...

          Thankfully, where Dandelion was awkwardly juvenile, the Blue Dahlia seems gracefully sophisticated. Without having tried the food, the interior and menu are warm and refined without being "prissy." Long wooden tables and a nice wall treatment lend a French Provincial attitude to the space.

          No full endorsement yet...but I'm excited nonetheless.

        3. Just ate lunch at the Dahlia today and was immediately impressed with the place. I never went to the Dandelion, but this was very nice. Elegant interior, cozy garden dining in the back, nice patio seating in the front. I had a delicious open-faced roast beef sandwich, and my friend had what looked like a very nice tuna salad (non-mayo based). Delicious bread, very fresh greens. The menu includes a small but very affordable beer/wine menu. We plan on going back soon and often.

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