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Jul 16, 2007 11:11 AM


Meeting some friends for dinner tonight, any recs for what's good?

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  1. seafood specials usually really good and very fresh

    1. Ploughman's plate, "bacon" and eggs (a bar snack), ribeye, mussels. Very good cocktails, too.

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        Do you know if they have a website?

        1. re: bakerboyz

          If you call their phone # they tell you their web address. We were there Saturday and had the very delicious roast pork shoulder with succotash and sweet potato fries. DC had golden trout wrapped in Proscuitto (special that night). The grilled pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream is great.

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            I don't think they have a Web site, or if they do, it isn't showing up anywhere in Google.

            If you like spicy mussels, you might want to give them a try here, as they are excellent. And if they offer the mushroom barely soup (a special), by all means, get it!

        2. I had a nice tomato and Ricotta cheese appetizer that was very well made and tasted wonderful. For dinner I took the waitresses suggestion of the meatloaf. I usually never order meatloaf out because I only like my own but I throughly enjoyed it and it had great flavor. I also had the steakhouse salad which is a take on the wedge and it was very good and the blue cheese dressing that came on top tasted homemade. I told a friend at work to go and he went the following night and enjoyed his dinner as well.

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            Thanks all, just found their website:

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              They also have chalkboard small plates on that board to the left of the bar, available from 5ish (possibly a bit earlier) on, including some that were interesting and different from the full menu (chicken livers, etc).

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              I had that same app on Friday night, it was fantastic. I enjoyed the chicken-under-a-brick, my DC had the pub steak that was great, too. A really great meal.

            3. don't miss the chalkboard behind the bar where they post various snacks...lots of cheap and interesting options there. enjoy!

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                It was a very good meal. I had Rhode Island Stuffed Clams to start and they were delicious; I had Fish and Chips for my main also very good; others had Mussels, Chicken Parm, Chicken under Brick and greek Salad with Grilled Chicken; everyone liked their meals. Nice atmosphere with 3 big screen tvs to watch the Sox. Will definitely be back.