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help: up to our ears in farmer's cheese and vanilla beans!

We are up to our ears in farmer's cheese and vanilla beans. Any good recipes?

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  1. I use farmer's cheese in both sweet and savory dishes (and I believe you can use it as a substitute for cottage cheese); here are my staples:

    - mix with orange zest, dried cranberries, and toasted walnuts for a crepe filling. A creammy vanilla sauce goes well here, too.

    - mix with eggs, and rosemary (or any other herb), then bake in phyllo dough for a crispy savory pastry. Serve with yogurt.

    - mix with eggs, flour, sugar, and vanilla, form into patties, then fry them. Serve with cherry preserves.

    - mix with sour cream, scallions, and cucumbers, and make into a spread.

    Let me know if you need more specifics. Enjoy!! BTW, where were you able to find so much farmer's cheese? I am jealous.....:)

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      park slope food coop!
      my roommate's coworker gave her a good 20 vanilla beans from a trip to madagascar that we need to use as well.

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        Store a few of them (not all!) in the sugar bin. Vanilla sugar, yum.

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          Lucky you! :)

          If you're adventurous, you can also try the Pashka or pasca - the Eastern European Easter bread (similar to panettone) that has a farmer's cheese filling (with raisins, orange, and lemon zest).

          One tip about baking with farmer's cheese: it tends to leave a lot of liquid behind. When make the phyllo dough dish or the Pashka, I usually put a layer of farina in between the dough and the cheese to absorb all the excess liquid.

      2. I use farmer's cheese for blintz (cheese filled crepe) filling.

        1. Relizabeth,

          If you like old school cheesecake (w/ some texture & flavor unlike most creamcheese based recipes you see now) farmers cheese is the basic ingredient. :)

          1. My favorite use for farmer's cheese is tomato tart:

            I make buttermilk biscuit dough and press it into a tart pan. Bake it until golden. Spread a little Dukes mayo (I have too, I'm southern) and then top with a generous layer of farmer's cheese. Finally, lay multi colored heirloom tomatoes in concentric circles around the tart. Dot w/ some torn basil leaves and drizzle a bit of olive oil and a generous amount of kosher or fluer de sel.

            1. No help with recipes (although my favorite use for vanilla beans is fresh vanilla ice cream, creme brulee, or panna cotta to showcase those speckles - then vanilla sugar) but vanilla beans keep pretty well if you can vacuum seal them. Short of that, I've also packaged them up, in bundles of 4, in that Press 'n Seal wrap, then rolled into a Ziploc bag in the pantry. I pulled one out that had been sitting there for months and it was still soft and pliable. If you don't put them into bags, though, they do tend to dry out a little.

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                I have found that if I rinse the vanilla beans and just shake off what water i can and close tightly in a jar they stay moist for a very long time. I did have some dry up on me and I did the same thing and they reconstituted and became beautifully plump and pliable again.

              2. vanilla beans:
                put one in a bottle of vodka and keep in the freezer. perfect schnapps! keeps forever. you could do this with several bottles and give them to people for christmas/thanksgiving at the end of the year.
                poach peaches or other stone fruit with a vanilla bean in the mix
                put a vanilla bean in a bottle of oil (maybe a nut oil like hazlenut) to add an interesting drizzle to sweet and savoury dishes.
                pannacotta definitely (unless you're on a diet)
                and the sound of vanilla sugar is very appealing too.
                i like the idea of sealing them without air as someone else mentioned.

                try this link for some excellent ideas:

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                  This idea works well as vanilla extract. cheap vodka is fine, too.

                  And I have always kep a vanilla bean in my sugar.

                2. here is a staple at our house. egg noodles with farmer cheese, a little sour cream, salt and pepper. nice and creamy side dish.

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