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Jul 16, 2007 10:39 AM

Adelman's Kosher Deli & Restaurant

Anyone been to this place in Midwood? Do you know if they serve brunch? Any input?

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  1. I haven't been there for many years but it used to be pretty darned good. I don't believe it was a brunch place but then again it was quite a while ago and I went there for a good pastrami and a nice knish:-)

    1. it aint midwood.

      adelmans does a few things well...great hotdogs, kreplach, matzo ball soup...their pastrami is a bit chewy and rubbery for my tastes but there's really nothing like katz's (well, i dig carnegie these days).

      i wouldnt go out of my way for adelmans but if im near my parents in manhattan beach on a cold night, nothing beats going over there for some food.

      1. It's not really good. We have used them for catering a few times and after experiencing less than great meat at more than great prices, we went elsewhere.
        Most Jewish Deli's don't do brunch... They do lunch. You might want to try Jay and Lloyd's. Their food is better and they are much, much nicer than the average" Deli guys". If you're looking for more upscale, Tea for Two would be a good suggestion.
        If you posted earlier about wanting to take your father-in-law to brunch, you're own idea about picking up all the good stuff and eating in, might be the way to go...

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          Thanks. Yes, I am still searching for a place to take my father-in-law. I guess picking up the stuff and coming back home seems like the way to go. Could you tell me a little more about Jay and Lloyd's?
          From what I read Tea for Two is italian/sushi, am I right? Not really what I am looking for...

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            Jay and lloyds is great old-time deli-we've been going for years. Both owners are delightful and continually check to see that their patrons are happy. We love it all but of special note are the great homemade knishes, chopped liver, sandwiches and don't forget some of their great appetizers and soup. On Avenue U tween E. 27/28-ENJOY!

            1. re: adamandeve

              I agree with Kernel The management makes a big difference.... For some unknown reason, the workers/owner's at some Deli's are not especially friendly. Aside from great traditional foods, These guys really enjoy what they do so well, and it shows. It makes for a much more enjoyable dining experience.
              I'm no Poet, but I too think, " their knishes are delicious" If you call them, they will fax or mail you their menu. If you go, tell them your fellow Chowhounds recc them. They'll be thrilled!... If you do go, please let us know (good or not so good) what you thought.

              1. re: adamandeve

                If you have a car and are around Adelman's, in addition to Jay&Lloyd's there is also Mill Basin Deli. Straight up K.Hiway, veer off right and then up Ave T. into Mill Basin. Still as good as any, in my opinion, and nice art work to boot.

            2. Yo might also post this to the kosher board of CH -

              1. Are you looking for strictly kosher deli or deli style? Unlike the above posters I'm not a fan of Jay and Lloyd's, except for their hot dogs, or Mill Basin. Adelman's is okay. If you're looking for corned beef, pastrami and brisket I'd try David's Brisket House on Nostrand by Herkimer. Their potato and macaroni salads sre standard mass produced mostly mayonnaise stuff, but their deli is really terrific. And I do believe they are Halal. However, if you're looking for Kosher only then I would stick with Adelman's or Jay and Lloyd's. Mill Basin, IMO just isn't worth it. And absolutely avoid Pastrami Box on Livingston.