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Jul 16, 2007 10:37 AM

Farmers' markets & farms week of July 16th

Which hound will be the first to report on this weeks markets?

On Monday I know about City Hall, Dewey Square and Cenrtal Square and I noticed that South Boston will open next Monday. Did I miss any?

I've added the local farms to this topic but if folks think that should be a separate topic, please feel free to set it up as someone did last week.


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  1. I just came back from Central Square. A few field tomato sightings. Some great looking purple eggplant. Blueberries & raspberries, string beans, corn is coming in.

    Bought some baby bok choy from the stand that carries all of the asian vegetables. Grabbed a few tomatoes to try, cauliflower, herbs.

    Where did grateful farm go to this year? I thought they were always in the back corner at Central?

    Also - on Saturday I hit up Stillman farms at the market in JP. The blueberries I bought there are really way too tart, which is disappointing. I'll use them to cook with instead. Good to taste the lettuce before purchasing, a few of the varieties were way too bitter for me (Boston, Red Leaf) but the Romaine I bought is quite lovely.

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      I spotted Grateful Farm at the market in Cambridgeport on Saturdays (Magazine and Memorial Drive)

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        I just hit Central Square as well - got some corn from Hutchins, and some of that excellent chinese eggplant (well, I hope it's excellent - first of the season locally) from Dick's market garden.

        I think the farm that used to be at the corner of the market wasn't Grateful, it was an organic co-op farm from out in Belchertown whose name I can't remember. I miss them a lot too - great people and some of the best produce I've ever seen anywhere around here; their tomatoes especially were a cut above everyone else's. I think they either stopped coming to markets around here (Central Square was the only one they came to) or dissolved the co-op itself; I think the latter, but I'm not positive.

        Grateful Farm (who I like a lot too) has a stand at the Charles Square market in Harvard Square on sundays and possibly on fridays as well.

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          Thanks for the tip - I'll have to try to remember the name of that farm. They never had high quantities, but wow was there stuff good.

          1. re: MB fka MB

            Aha! Found it - Lampson Brook Farms Cooperative. All the info on them seems to be several years old so it looks like they may not still exist as a co-op, though I imagine some of the individual farms are still going. There's some information in the website below.

          2. re: MichaelB

            Grateful was at Charles Square (for I think the first time) last Friday.

            1. re: Baiye

              They also had a little card posted about the Kendall market on Thursdays, so I think they are there.

        2. Newton has a farmer's market every Tuesday at Cold Spring Park on Beacon Street, west of Walnut. There's another market some time later in the week. You can find ourt by calling newton City Hall.

          1. Got to Copley today right as they opened. At Siena Farms I picked up uncured garlic, rainbow carrots, lemon cucumber, and these wee little eggplants, about 2.5 inches long and beautifully striped with purple -- can't wait to try them. The carrots are terrific by the way. At Stillmans I grabbed a small container of blueberries and a few ears of fresh native corn. No chickens again. Sigh, one day I will manage to score the elusive Stillman Chicken. Atlas yielded a hugely flavorful green zebra tomato that went very nicely with my lunch -- I wish I'd bought more! And I tried a small brioche from the bakery stand that sits at the corner of Dartmouth and Boylston, the one with the super long biscotti and the french-style pastries. It was pretty much to die for. Wish I could remember the name of the bakery...

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              I forgot to add that while at Wilson Farm this weekend, I noticed that they had a ton of their own crops coming in, including a first-time item for them: purslane. I was happy to see it there since it's a rare find at the weekly farmers markets. I think this week was the first batch harvested, and it didn't have the slightly tangy snap that I prefer in purslane, but I expect as the summer goes on, it will just get better.

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                Tatte cookies and they are new this year. I keep looking at that nut bar they have.


                I picked up a box of the butter cookies to serve with berries as dessert earlier this month. They were also great.

                1. re: BostonZest

                  Oh yes, the nut bar. Drool. Haven't shelled out the $6 for the small (!) yet, but one of these days...

                  And an update on the Stillmans corn I picked up yesterday: it was delicious. Nicely sweet with a perfect texture.

              2. Has anyone been to the Dewey Square market today?? They have been super disappointing lately, so I'm not sure if it's worth going on my lunch break.

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                  I just got back from there. There isn't a ton going on, but I am currently gorging on INSANELY good blueberries from Nourse Farm. (They are really tart, though. But I like that.) I also got some peaches from Keown but haven't tried one yet--just excited to see them. And of course the When Pigs Fly samples were delicious as always.

                  1. re: BostonCookieMonster

                    Update: the peaches are the bomb! Small and not SLURPY juicy, but super tasty. Mmmm.

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                      Oohhh I'm so happy I read your post yesterday before leaving the city- I picked up two lbs of peaches, some nice beets and some blueberries. All were wonderful. I will absolutely be back this afternoon for more, since all but ONE peach is left as of this morning!!

                2. I just returned from the City Hall market. Stillman's has a sign up for ordering turkeys and a menu of other meats. They have homemade slab bacon for $10.99/lb, which sounds interesting.

                  I also just finished eating a giant, ugly heirloom tomato, which was delicious. The other vendors had a great selection of greens and corn and squash, and I was able to get green bell peppers and cucumbers finally.

                  Oh, and a decadent Oatmeal Raisin cookie from the Danish Pastry House...Yum...