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Jul 16, 2007 10:19 AM

Approx $30 per person (pre-drinks) around Jarvis and Front?

Hi Hounds,

I'm looking for a decent meal tonight around the Jarvis and Front area (we don't mind walking a bit) for around $30 per person. Any recommendations? Nothing too slow (we have movie tickets) and no chain-type places, please. I was thinking Penelope, but I'd love to try something new.


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  1. Are you in the mood for Korean? You can try that Ninth Gate place. Not sure if it's any good tho.

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    1. re: c_snapper

      I usually can't eat Korean because of MSG, but I just gave this place a call and apparently they don't use it at all! This is definitely first on my list now... just waiting for an okay from my dinner companions! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

      1. re: c_snapper

        We ended up going there, and we all really enjoyed it. I'll post more on our experience tomorrow, but we all really appreciated the recommendation.

      2. Le Petit Dejeuner is worth a try, though they may not be open for dinnertime as it's a Monday. I believe they only do dinner service later on in the week (ie. Wed/Thurs onward).

        So instead, I'd suggest C'est What? on Front St. Good place for a cold pint of beer, plus their lamb burger is delish.

        1. Unfortunately, the two best options I was going to suggest (Toba and the aforementioned Petit Dejeuner) are both closed for Monday dinner.

          Ninth Gate has a pleasant decor, and the food is not terrible nor outstanding, but it is fairly overpriced compared to what you'd pay for similar food in Koreatown or elsewhere.

          I'd recommend C'est What for beer lovers, but the food can be very hit-and-miss.

          Nearby Izakaya has similarly mixed reviews -- a fantastic decor, but only average Japanese-ish food (sans sushi) and spotty service.

          I like Golden Thai at Church and Richmond (definitely much better than the Spring Rolls on Front beside the St. Lawrence Market, please don't go there!).

          Harlem Restaurant, also at Church and Richmond, is a neat little place that makes creative takes on carribean food with mains around $20. Not sure if they are open Mondays, though.

          The Hot House on the northeast corner of Front and Church is not bad, though it's not particularly exciting either. But the location is right and they have a huge "something for everyone" menu.