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Jul 16, 2007 10:13 AM

Portland nice solo meal

I've read a few of the solor dining threads and others, trying to narrow it down. I'll be there from Boston on a Wed. nite in Aug. staying at the Mark Spencer so will walk up to 20 oro so min. I envision a busy but not jammed spot, entrees in the $18-28 range, northern Ital, new Amer, mediterranean, etc. A nice girly martini or glass of wine served in good glassware. I'll be out the nite before with a friend who was in the brewing business so I assume we'll do something casual and/or funkky. I've read about some of these spots, any make more sense than the others? Does Tabla still have a 3-course $24 deal? Thanks in advance.

Alberta St. Oyster Bar
Ash St. Saloon:
Cafe Castagna
Carlyle: NW 17th and Thurman
Clark Lewis
Le Pigeon
Olea: happy hour 5-7
Park Kitchen
Tabla: SE 28th
Wildwood: NW 21st

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  1. Ash St Saloon is highly casual & funky, at best. Why is it even on this list?
    Consider Oba for happy hour.
    Clark Lewis is about 25 mins.
    Take bus to Alberta St Oyster or Tabla. Don't think Tabla still has the $24 deal.
    Other than Ash St, is a good list.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Tabla's 3-course deal is now $29 but it still exists and is still a good is not at all convenient to where you are staying, though.

      Clyde Common is so close and would probably fit the bill:

      Also, you'll be very close to cacao, you should stop in and have a shot and grab some chocolates:

    2. Alberta St and Tabla aren't walkable. Tabla wouldn't be too bad on a bus. Alberta St is probably twice as far and requires you to go both north a ways and east a ways from downtown. It's not as far and not on your list, but I wouldn't recommend trying to make your way to Toro Bravo for the same reason.

      Le Pigeon might be tough. They take reservations, but I'd be surprised if they take them for single diners. They leave the bar open for walk-ins, I think, but it's always been full when I've been there. But you can always go over to Doug Fir, get some drinks, listen to some music, and if you have a cell and they'll call you.

      Pricewise, Carlyle, Higgins, Olea, Clarklewis, Wildwood are the most expensive. Then, Park Kitchen, Le Pigeon, and Alberta St. After that Cafe Castagna and Tabla. I haven't been to Ash St Saloon.

      You're right next to Clyde Common which has both a bar and communal seating. It's Mediterranean/New American and I like it just about as much as anything on that list. It'd be in one of the two lower pricing groups.


      1. For what your looking for, walk to Caffe Mingo - great casual italian. If not there, try the other two italian places right there, which are also fine. The walk will be pleasant. If you don't like the looks of it, Wildwood is just a few blocks down 21st and offers great solo dining.

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        1. re: MichaelG

          Also very close to MS Hotel is Sahagun. Get a marionberry truffle, best caramel with hazelnut chocolate I've ever had (explodes in your mouth), and a chocolate soda...Yum!

          1. re: Leonardo

            Unfortunately for the OP, the Sahagun website says that they're closed during August.

          2. re: MichaelG

            Agree with both Caffe Mingo and Wildwood - but also consider Paley's Place (across the road from Wildwood) - I guess it's more French / NW Pacific but as a solo diner I was made very welcome there (and had the best meal of my week long stay in Portland in June this year)

          3. Ten 01 is a new place in the Pearl that's operated by the Tabla owners, and it's rather close to your hotel. It's opposite Powell's bookstore on NW Couch. For the menu: