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Jul 16, 2007 10:11 AM

Buying New Bakingware [Moved from Home Cooking]

I am interested in buying a whole new set of bakingware, specifically cooling racks, cookie sheets and cake tins (both round and rectangular). Can someone please let me know what brand I should look for or if there is a certain type of material or color I should buy?

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  1. I recently upgraded all my baking pans when we got married, and I am thrilled with what I picked. I chose sheet pans, cookie sheets, round and square cake pans, and a loaf pan all from the Williams Sonoma professional line, which I believe is made by Chicago Metallic. They are great, and I would highly recommend them.

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      I think Chicago Metallic is great too, but stay away fmor their cheaper line. I can't remember the name, but it says made by Chicago Metallic. THe quality is not comparable.

    2. If you live near a Sur La Table store, I would go there and look around. They have an extremely large selection of bake ware and you can pick and choose rather than buying a set. Williams Sonoma is also top drawer. Both have catalogues and there are many good mail order places that don't have actual stores.

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        I do live nearby a Sur La Table and noticed that they have a sale as well. What should I be looking for exactly? I've read that I should buy lighter color cookie sheets because they will last longer. Is that true?

      2. If you're going to get serious about baking, go with commercial grade equipment. I am an avid baker, and I buy all of my cake pans, racks and sheet pans at local restaurant supply stores. They can be found in many towns and cities...just check your local yellow pages. Sheet pans come in half- and quarter-sheet size (easier for home ovens), and are sturdier than anything else out there, and they last a long, long time if cared for. As far as cake pans, you'll find several dimensions in round, square and rectangular. Cooling racks are also great...I just bought one that is about 20-inches by's huge! Happy Baking!

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          "Cooling racks are also great...I just bought one that is about 20-inches by 24-inches"

          Yes! Go for big and study, not small and skimpy. I just replaced mine about a year ago and can't *believe* it took me so long. A whole batch of cookies; a whole focaccia or pissaladiere. Those, and my heavy, French sheet pans are the two best kitchen purchases I've made in years.

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            mushroombelt...if you buy good, heavy-duty cookie sheets they will last a long time regardless. It helps to have at least three, so you aren't waiting for a pan to cool off before using it again. It's worth the extra investment, and it will save you time, as well. I'm not kidding when I say check out your local restaurant supply'll be glad you did.

        2. I have a mix of restaurant supply sheet pans etc and Kaiserform pans. I really like the Kaiserform pans that are silicone coated. Sometimes you can find them in TJ Maxx. My TJM had a lot of Kaiserform last week and a lot of Calphalon bake wear. Both are heavy, sturdy pans that will last you a life time.

          1. I suggest staying away from silicone pans (the brightly colored, flexible ones that look like they're made of rubber) and anything nonstick. They are less durable and, in my opinion, give inferior results.