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Jul 16, 2007 10:05 AM

RI fun

Friend and I had to drive down to Hope Valley for a b-day party but snuck in a few bites on the way. Made the obligatory stop at Allie's Donuts in North Kingstown and bought a dozen to bring to the party. I had a plain and my favorite, an old fashioned w/ maple frosting. Still excellent. Made J try the maple plus he chose a choc. covered lemon filled donut which sure doesn't sound good to me but he ate it all. Since he wanted "real" food, he got an egg/Canadian bacon/cheese sandwich at Spinnaker's in Jamestown and that looked good. I grabbed a decent iced coffee and they were very friendly plus it was relaxing sitting by the boats. Also very nice people at Trat. Simpatico where they didn't mind me bringing the coffee in as J. got a campari and soda for a quick beverage. Cute little place with all that outdoor seating, sweet bartender, nice people sitting at the bar, good sounding items on the lunch menu. Will I ever be in Jamestown again, I don't know but I'd definitely check this place out or the Carribean joint across the street.

After a big shrimp boil at the party, we all rolled into Providence where J and I hung out at the block party outside AS220 on Empire St. which was a lot of fun. Had to go to Bravo for a fancy cocktail and wished that I were hungry cuz I've eyed that menu for a while now. They had nothing in the mango family but the pomengranite martini was very nice, served in an odd flute-like glass. J enjoyed the dirty martini and we had fun talking to the couple next to us who thought J had run for governor of RI (and lost). Their steak & cheese w/ mushrooms & fries looked good as did a plate of humungous scallops going by. Next time. After quickly walking thru Waterfire, we looked for a friend playing at a club then ended up at Perkatory on Richmond St. (I think that's the name) which was a very odd scene but a fun way to end the nite. Must make a dedicated Providence road trip soon.

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  1. Joanie, you saw more of RI in a few hours than many RIers see in a week. Your report could shame some people here out of their La-Z-boys. Be sure to go back to Jamestown, there’s much to enjoy, and return to Bravo when you can stay for dinner.

    1. Joanie, the next time you go through Hope Valley way, pass up on the Allie's dog-nut gut bombs and go to West's Bakery across from the fire station in HV. Try their Bismarks, A cruller cut in half and filled with a stripe of jelly and a delicious rich cream filling. Buy a bx, but eat them before lunch because the filling as a short life!