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Jul 16, 2007 09:44 AM

New Capital in Rowland Heights -- pretty dingy.

We were looking forward to dim sum at New Capital (1330 Fullerton Road in Rowland Heights). We arrived to a bold "C" health rating and lots of smoke in the entranceway from waiting patrons. Outside and inside, the place looks dingy, so we left. I have eaten here before and I do not understand the attraction. To my tastes, I have had much better dim sum at Elite, The Kitchen and Capital Seafood.

Our time was limited and we still craved dim sum, so we went to Hong Kong Palace. We have been enjoying Hong Kong Palace for several years, but it is past its day! The dim sum was just okay and I will not return -- unless someone posts with great praise of its revival.

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  1. New Capital is a cheap, no fuss dim sum place. You really can't compare it to Elite or The Kitchen or Sea Harbour, which are more high class places. I think New Capital is like under $2 for all items, so it's probably half the price that you would spend at the other places. Thus, the crowds.