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Jul 16, 2007 09:43 AM

Celebratory dinner in Baltimore

Taking the boyfirend for a celebratory dinner on Sunday (22nd) in Baltimore. We have buy one get one entree certificates from both b and Chameleon Cafe so those are high on our list but open to other options. We pretty much eat anything so any type of food is okay (in fact some type of cuisine weve never had before would even be preferred). No set budget but probably not Charleston prices.

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  1. What haven't you had before?

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    1. re: hon

      I've eaten a lot. Boyfriend has had morte limited experiences and I'd love to show him something new but not sure what. So like I said for right now our front runners are b or Chamelon Cafe (neither of us has been, have heard good things about them and we have this buy one get one deal). but open to pretty much anything.

      1. re: jes

        essentially i was jsut saying the more unique the better. but good food is the main priority.

    2. I've been to b and it is amazing. Bolton Hill is such a cute neighborhood, too - so even if you end up parking and walking, it is such a nice walk. It has been a while since I have been there, but it has an impressive wine list and great food as far as I remember.

      Some other suggestions I'd have would be Pazo in Harbor East for the candle-lit "new york" feel, The Ambassador Dining Room (Indian) for their beautiful outside garden seating and great food, and The Wine Market in Locust Point which has amazing food and a great atmosphere. We live in Baltimore and those are our "go to" places for moderately priced menus at restaurants that have a romantic, celebratory feel!

      1. I've never been to b, but it sounds like a great place - I've heard lots of good things. I've been to the Chameleon Cafe and really loved it. Chameleon is New American with French Influence - it's very well done. Chef Smith really knows his stuff. The neighborhood is not the greatest, but you can park at the grocery store (I think it's a Superfresh) next door and just walk right across the street to the restaurant. I highly recomend them and will be going back there soon - I'm thinking of taking my Fiance there for her birthday later this month - either there, Tersiguel's or Antrim 1844. Tersiguel's runs a little bit higher then Chameleon and Antrim 1844 will easily go over $200 after drinks and tip. Wherever you go, I wish you a great meal and a happy celebration.

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          A few weeks ago, my partner and I went to Antrim for dinner and think or more less spending over $300 for two with gratuity. Trust me, though, it's well worth it! The atmosphere is simply unique and divine and the food matches your expectations. Five courses for $65 per person, plus a decently priced bottle of wine, and drinks you have before dinner. Between 7:00 and 7:30, they have drinks and such in the upstairs parlor; each glass is $15. Then, at 7:30, you're promptly taken to your table in the house's old smoke room. Your menu is customized with your name and signed by the chef, and each day the items change. Service is impeccable and the manager is attentive to any type of request. The wine menu is extensive, more so than Charleston's, but you can find a moderately priced bottle without breaking the bank. I'd highly recommend it, considering a special occasion. We're definitely planning to return!

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            jsrussd, Were most of the patrons very dressed up to go to Antrim 1844, or were most people dressed casually?

            1. re: Whitemarshjohn

              i really like tio pepes, its great spanish food in a traditonal, but very different atmosphere. and once the sangria starts flowing it is always a good time!

              1. re: elegantelliot

                i highly rec Chameleon Cafe

                and Lauraville (the neighborhood) is a bustling thriving place...dont let people scare you!

                1. re: MegMD

                  MegMD: "i highly rec Chameleon Cafe

                  and Lauraville (the neighborhood) is a bustling thriving place...dont let people scare you!"

                  MY RESPONSE: I love the Chameleon Cafe too, but I think you're laying it on pretty thick about what a terrific place Lauraville is.

                  1. re: Whitemarshjohn

                    From your nom-de-plume "Whitemarshjohn" I'll guess you're a suburbanite (or even a country person if you're using White Marsh in its original sense). Non-city persons often find city neighborhoods more dangerous feeling than they actually are (I've heard my neighborhood here in Butchers Hill, a couple of blocks from Salt, described on Chowhound in terms that made me wonder if they were talking about the same place).

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                There were some gentleman in coats, but it was way too hot outside for that. I wore a button down shirt and khakis and did not feel as though I was overdressed. I'd say it's more or less business casual, but with an emphasis on the business side.

                One tip, to avoid splurging on all of the pre-dinner wine festivities, get one glass and then take it outside with you as you walk the beautiful gardens and explore the mansion's grounds. Then, at around 7:20, go back in and feel free to grab a few of the little pastries and such they're passing around.

          2. I really enjoy b, but it is very casual, so it may not provide much of a "special occasion" atmosphere. It is very good, creative food at fairly reasonable prices, though, so that may be far more important to you than atmosphere. I have heard that Chameleon Cafe is fabulous, and I was hoping to go there for my anniversary dinner next Monday, but they are closed on both Sunday and Monday, so unfortunately that puts it out of the running for both of us.

            1. It seems Chamelon Cafe is not open on Sundays so that will have to wait until another time. We've been to Pazo so will probably go somewhere different. Still leaning towards b (although Tio Pepes is an option too,....) and open ot other suggestions as well.