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Jul 16, 2007 09:09 AM

Big Fish (Calgary)

I just wanted to comment again on my excellent experience at Big Fish for brunch on Sunday. I had a smoked trout and goat's cheese scramble, which came with red skinned potatoes and a crisp dark multi-grain toast. They provide fresh preserves and restaurant made ketchup that I really enjoyed, as well as some pretty good coffee - although I'm not yet the coffee connaisseur that some other posters are so I wouldn't suggest this as a place to go for an exceptional caffeinated beverage! We sat on the patio, which is slightly loud given its proximity to Edmonton Trail, but it was cool and breezy (which was surprising given the heat this weekend). Overall the restaurant was a refreshing break from the chaos of the usual Calgary breakfast joint.

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  1. I'll have to try it for brunch then! We usually hit Diner Deluxe (owned by the same people), but perhaps Big Fish would be less busier. I do love their bucket of shrimp for dinner as a starter!

    1. Their oysters are out of this world. Try the Colville Bays. Awesome! They also make a wicked Hendrick's Martini! Great atmosphere...great service. I love this place!!!

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        Wow - someone after my own heart ... There's really nothing better than Hendrick's martinis and fresh oysters (except maybe some cashews as well) ... I for sure have to go to Big Fish for more than just Sunday brunch.