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Jul 16, 2007 08:57 AM

Rec's need quick please!

Looking for a place to accomodate 12 people for dinner Wednesday evening. We normally have most of our family dinner's/birthday's at Palma in the carriage house. Thought we would do something different this time. Any sugg's? downtown below 23rd street, east or west, where there's a private room or where they can accomodate us comfortably. Good food and service a must. Italian, American or Greek food would be great but open to all.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Osso Buco for Family-style Red Sauce Italian and Del Posto for upscale.

    American, hmm. Cowgirl is tex-mexy but they're the only place I know down around the Village I'd recommend with that much space. Everywhere around here is so small...

    Oooh. I know a good one. Saigon Grill, Vietnamese. Really good food and the place is huge. Just try not to get heckled by the protestors.

      1. I Coppi, on 9th St., b/t 1st & Av. A, serves delicious Italian food. When we were there last week, our waiter couldn't have been nicer, and service was excellent. They can accommodate a party of 12, either inside or in their very nice garden.