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Jul 16, 2007 08:32 AM

Hoorible Experience at Antares Cafe in Greenport

After reading some recent feedback on this board on Anatares Cafe in Greenport we thought we would give it a try. Their first hint of having multiple time slots open on a Saturday night still available when I only called on a Friday afternoon should have been the first tip off. I also scored a 9:30 reservation at The Frisky Oyster which I now wish I stuck with.

So, we get there at don't expect much knowing it's in a boatyard, but the atmosphere here was pretty unlively ....actually solemn for a beautiful Saturday night. Waitress was young and unenthusiastic...definitely was not "owning" her job nor happy to be there. We order martinis...a little dirty and extra cold. They arrived looking like a warm glass of olive juice and we politely ask for a readjustment. The waitress looked at us like "Are you kidding me?", laughed, smirked a little and swiped the drink for a re-do. She was very offended by our polite request. Next we were asked if we had any questions about the menu. I had one about how the calamari was prepared and she didn't know...she would ask. Pissed at us again. Don't ask if we have questions then! LOL

I order the roasted mussels, which after a few very challening bites and offerings of samples to my table, we determine that the mussels are still raw. Back they go with an actual "apology" from the waitress who notices they are raw. A new order arrives and is tasty. Others get the Cod Cake, just OK, but a large portion... and the crab salad which was good, but a bit too creamy for me.

We wait for a long time now water, no can I get you folks some wine, no your food will be right out AND at 8:30 we are one of a few tables at this place....on a Saturday night people!!!

We finally get our entrees and decide it is now too windy to eat outside (we had been struggling the entire evening since we asked for an outdoor table, but finally gave in to the wind). Another waitress happily obliges and moves us into a inside table. Once inside we notice that the toast that accompanies the Boulibaisse is charred and I mean completely black. We again POLITELY ask for a piece less burnt and now notice the chef talking to the waitress and pointing and staring at us. The waitress comes back to tell us that this is the way the toast is supposed to be. We say, regardless, we would like a less toased piece of bread. She looks at us again with this sacrastic smirk and again with her Are you kidding me looks and storms off laughing. Then, the chef, actually comes over to the table to explain again his brulee toasting method and that he's worked in the South of France for four years, blah, blah, blah. THEN he tells us if we don't like the dish the way it's prepared (mind you we are talking a piece of toast here!) then don't order this entree. AND then storms back to the kitchen. We are left speechless and horrified!!! I have never in my life be remprimanded by a chef. This was the most insulting dining experience I have ever had to date.

A new waitress apologizes for whatever is going on and offers us a free dessert. At this point I want to leave but others accept the offer and we stay for a delicious nutella crepe with raspberry sauce and sorbet. (Lord knows what else may have fallen into it)

The whole night felt like like we were living a nightmare.

I am very surprised after reading a few writeups on how friendly the staff is and how delicious the food is. The staff's behavior, including the chef, was inexcusable and the food ranged from inedible to good.

This place will never get a second chance in my book. For a spectacular Boulibasse go to F.O.O.D. in Hamptons Bays, for a great lobster risotto head to Indian Cove in Hampton Bays. Antares in now blacklisted and let me tell you....I like to talk about food!!!!

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  1. Geez...what a nightmare! I hope you declined the offer of paying for the pleasure of having your evening ruined!!

    I had a similar experience in Greenport back in June at a restaurant called Scrimshaws...same deal as you...dreadful service and horrible food and all I got back was attitude. I walked...stupidly paid the bill though. Never again!

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    1. re: Scotty100

      I paid the bill but left little tip. You live and learn.

    2. Unfortunately, as the North Fork restaurants transition from fairly priced, mediocre to fancy and expensive, there is a new ilk of chef. The servers refuse to allow for any variation in the menu choice, because it is prepared the way the chef has designed it. Substitutions are not permitted, the servers fear the chef and you end up ordering a second or third choice, just so that the sides are more to your taste.

      In addition, servers are poorly trained summer help that do not even make you feel welcome for dropping the $150 for undersized portions and overpriced wines.

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      1. re: Fred19

        Sadly, I am very afraid the North Fork is going the way of the South's only a matter of time. The signs are all there.

        I mentioned to a friend who has a home in Mattituck that I was dismayed to learn of the arrival of three Starbucks on the North Fork and he said on the contrary, "it's good, it means the North Fork has arrived."

        I don't think you want to "arrive." Hope I am wrong!

        1. re: JGS

          I agree, JGS. The worst thing that could happen to the North Fork would be to turn into the Hamptons. I grew up in Cutchogue and every time I go back for a visit I'm surprised by how "quaint" and touristy it's becoming.

      2. The thought of burnt toast & Boulibaisse is making me drool.