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Jul 16, 2007 08:16 AM

Jet lagged and in the Marais, where to start

We'll be getting into Paris from overseas, arriving mid day on a Friday. We'll probably be tired, starry-eyed, and eager to take in Paris. After we leave our bags at our two-star hotel in the Marais, where should we go to get a great lunch (inexpensive to moderate) at about 1 or 2 pm?

Any other Marais suggestions would be great, too.

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  1. Just back from Paris where we went to a great felafal place in the Marais -- I hope your hotel can direct you to it since I can't quite remember. It's the one that says (in French) that it's the original that others have tried to imitate. This might not sound very French -- I was dubious since I eat felafal all the time here in the states (though apparently not sure how to spell it) and thought it wouldn't be special -- but the whole scene and neighborhood was really great. A friend who spends the summers in Paris also wanted to take us to another place in the Marais that serves "bricks", but it was only open for lunch so we missed it, might be worth a try for you. Also, across from the Centre Pompidou, check out Cafe Beaubourg. Enjoy!

    1. We just got back from Paris this week. We stayed in the Marais, across the street from the Pompidou. There is a cafe facing the square at the Pompidou called Cavalier Bleu. It is a little unassuming cafe but I had some really great meals there. The waiters are fabulous and speak just a little English, enough to help you out if you need it. My favorite dish was the Duck Confit.

      1. I think the falafel place that mselectra mentioned is L'As at 32 Rue Rosiers. It's not to be missed. (Note: closed on Saturdays until 6PM.) Although there is some seating, it's mainly a take-out place. You might want to sit and relax after your flight. There are so many cafes in the area, you'll have no problem.

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          They actually have two storefronts, and one is no smoking. We went in the middle of the afternoon and had no problem getting a table. The service is very friendly and several of the staff speak Englsih. And oh! that falafel.