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Where can I buy large reusable grocery bags?

Looking for large reusable grocery bags. Most of the ones I see online are small. Looking for ones that are as large as a typical paper bag. Thanks, Richie

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  1. Whole Foods sells them at least by me in the DC area at $1.00 per bag with a $.05 discount every time you use each one back at whole foods.

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      The Whole Foods bags are very large (a little bigger than a paper grocery bag) with long handles that are nice because you can sling a bag over your shoulder. That way you can carry more. I like that they make their bags out of recycled materials. They are very durable and you can wash them in the washing machine. Just don't put them in the dryer.

      Also, they just came out with an insulated bag for cold foods. It has a zippered insulated "lid" and has a carrying strap as well. I just bought one of those over the weekend and intend to keep it in my car.

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        I bought some of the WF bags thinking getting them that large was a plus but discovered they are very heavy when loaded. Also since I buy mostly produce it's a problem loading them up without puttign something too soft on the bottom; then there's the eggs and bread, etc.

        I'm looking to augment the collection with some more modest sized bags so I or the bagger have a choice.

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          WF sells a couple of smaller sizes too. One has a square bottom and is intended for bakery goods, but it's pretty useful for general purposes.

    2. I use those tote bags they give away at conferences and events...
      If you're looking to buy as many as 6-12 or more, try some online site like Oriental Trading Company or www.papermart.com (this web site has all paper/bag type things you'll ever need - love it).

      1. I have bought shopping bags from EcoBags online. Here's the link:

        Click on E-shopping systems.

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          Funny I didn't mention the shopping bags we have used for about 12 years which I bought at The Country Store in Weston VT... I have 4 of these.. They're made of canvas and hold a huge amount of goods, also after so much use they don't show any signs of wear. I also have 2 canvas bags from Wilson Farms. One is used exclusively for meat and the other for cold items.

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            2nd recommendation for these. I bought the organic cotton ones awhile ago and they are BIG and hold a LOT.

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                I was really happy with EcoBags string bags. But I've got to put in a good word for LLBean canvas totes, too. They're pricey, but indestructible, and you can put them thru the washer if you have to.

              2. Another resource is http://www.reusablebags.com/ where you can find loads of eco-friendly shopping bag options.

                1. I buy mine in our grocery store.


                  1. Trader Joe's has a few different reusable bags. I like the red ones that are the same size as their paper bags. I think they run $1.99 each.

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                      And I just got a Trader Joe's insulated tote (hanging in their freezer section) for $4.99. It's HUGE and very sturdy, with a flat bottom so it stands up well. I love it.

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                        I love that insulated tote. I use it a lot. I like that it zips, which makes it a lot more effective than the ones that just snap.

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                        I have a couple of theirs--nice and sturdy and I love the red aloha print!

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                          I have the red aloha print one and also the crazy multicolor random food picture one. I love them and use them for all sorts of things.

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                            i've been eyeing that turquoise multi-color wild print one. isn't it insulated? how well does that work? what is the capacity compared with their regular paper bags?

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                              Mine is not insulated. I don't know if they have turquoise ones that are. I'd say it holds about 1 1/4 regular paper bags full.

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                                TJ's usually have a display of their bags-sometimes hanging on a wall. I have the black canvas insulated bag which holds over a bag of groceries,the aloha insulated bag which I use for frozen foods(+ or - a bag) and the turquoise bag which is not insulated. I love them and use them often especially the turquoise bag. The other bag I use is the Costco bag which is much larger than the TJ's. If loaded to the max with groceries, the Costco bag is a bit too heavy to carry,though.

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                          I have TJ's canvas ones. They hold a lot more than their paper bags, and they're very sturdy with long handles that fit over your shoulder even when stuffed. $2.

                        3. A local grocery here (upsatet NY) sells them. On-line you can get them at www.gaiam.com.

                          1. www.chicobag.com

                            i just held one up to a standard grocery bag and it's about the same dimensions-- the plus is that it stuffs up into a tiny parcel you can tuck into a pocket, handbag, glove compartment, and i know some people who keep one clipped to their keychain. dh uses one every day for grocery shopping, incl lots of canned goods and heavy items, they wear extremely well.

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                                My word, the IKEA bags are flipping huge. I could use one of those for a weekend bag!
                                I have several green bags that are sold at Publix and Sweet Bay.

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                                  IKEA sells other bags that are the poly type. Square and larger than the Trader Joes red aloha print. They stand up by themselves to fill and fold down pretty flat. Not as big or floppy as the blue bags, but big enough for milk and produce. In the cardboard storage bins and laundry baskets section, not by the checkstands.

                              2. once in awhile bed, bath & beyond has very nice bags that fold up very small to fit in a purse/pocket and still open large enough to replace a large paper grocery bag.

                                1. I second http://www.reusablebags.com -- especially this one:


                                  I have the dark colored ones. They are the size of a paper grocery bag, though perhaps slightly taller, hold A LOT and are incredibly durable. They even fold up like a paper bag. And they're made from recycled plastic bottles! Everywhere I go I get compliments on it. I highly recommend it.

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                                    I have some of these as well and they are awesome. I think I can fit more in it than a regular paper bag and it is super sturdy--I feel like I can load it up without any fear of seams ripping. Highly recommended!

                                  2. http://usa.envirosax.com/index.php
                                    stylish and eco friendy; sold indiv or in packs

                                    also, large rice paper bags sold in Chinatown and Asian health food markets are great too.

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                                      Ditto on the envirosax bags. They roll up nice and small, so you can throw one in your purse, they can potentially hold twice the amount of a normal store grocery bag, and they never fail to get compliments. I also like that the straps of the bag are long and wide enough so that you can carry it over your shoulder (and the straps won't dig in uncomfortably), but that they're also simultaneously short enough so that you can carry it by the handles and it won't drag against the floor.

                                    2. I get mine at IKEA. They have blue tarp bags for 59 cents each, and a fully loaded one can hold darn near an entire cart full of groceries. As a bonus, they fold down to almost nothing.

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                                        I just saw some at Costco. A new thing, displayed over the cash register. They are about twice as big as the ones at Whole Foods (after all, things you buy at Costco are huge), and about $1.89 (or was it $1.79?) for a pack of two. I use the ones from Whole Foods, and many other stores in our area sell similar bags, about $1 each.

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                                          Sam's Club also has great, big, reusable bags.

                                        1. If you're in a pinch, you might also try reusing your paper bags from the grocery store, especially if they have handles. If you doublebag them and secure the handles with either staples or tape, they will last a remarkably long time. Our paper bags from Trader Joe's usually last us for at least a couple monthes, and when they've gotten too tattered, we use them to hold newspapers that go into the recycle bin. Also, when we reuse our bags at Trader Joe's, they give us an entry form for a free bag of groceries...

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                                          1. I got mine from http://www.thegreatbag.com. I love them. They are a bit more expensive but very well made and they don't have any big labels or store names on them. They are the same size a the paper grocery bags. They are all cotton so they are softer and stronger than those ones you buy in the grocery store etc.

                                            1. My wife bought some great Envirosax reusable bags from a company called Bangalla. We use them all the time. She's kind of picky with her colors and style, so she bought a couple of different sets. I don't really care how they look, as long as they hold our groceries. :) Here's their site: http://www.bangalla.com/envirosax-reu...

                                              1. I bought mine at greesak.com. I love the bags and they are so easy. They are square like a paper bag and have straps. I think the best part is the customer service. A friend told me about them after she bought hers from a local fundraiser. She said it was the best fundraiser she ever heard of and was so happy that she didn't have to purchase a tub of cookie dough. I also bought their little foldable bag - ok this one is cool!

                                                Take care

                                                  1. I ended up getting 3 bags at Trader Joe's for about $5 each. They are heavy duty freezer type insulated bags.

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                                                      i am thinking of getting that. do you love it?

                                                    2. My wife found some inexpensive mesh bags in a variety of colors from the link below;
                                                      They were on our door steps the next day!!

                                                      Hope that helps,

                                                      1. Giant (major midpoint chain in the DC area) sells indestructible mesh bags. They are not chic but
                                                        they are washable and they last forever. Safeway sells bags that are identical, but the Safeway bags are red and the Giant bags are green. Look in your grocery store near the registers.

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                                                          i think safeway's are twice the price, too.

                                                        2. Shaw's has them for a buck, large with an extra support in the bottom

                                                          1. Wegman's sells their own now, very square with an insert (?) in the bottom... they look quite sturdy. I didn't buy any b/c I got mine at reusablebags.com, but glad to see so many more stores selling reusable bags!

                                                            1. Richie,

                                                              Go to this site and check out the package deals. I got the one with 3 green bags, that are the size of paper bags, and then 2 extra large. I also bought a small and a large insulated bag. The cost was minimal in comparison to most sites.


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                                                                Shaw's bags are a pretty good size,with a plastic stiffener as are Whole Foods.

                                                              2. Try your friendly local health food store; I've seen good sized canvas and/or mesh ones at just about every one I've been to. Trader Joe's has some really nice ones too, if you make your way to one.

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                                                                  I recently bought one of these at Whole Foods - It folds up neatly to stow in my purse or car, and I felt like I was doing something beneficial too:


                                                                  1. re: Cheflambo

                                                                    That's a pretty neat bag! When I got my WF bag, it wasn't like that!

                                                                2. http://www.reusablebags.com/store/acm...

                                                                  These are the best I have found-- fold up into NOTHING and fit in your pocket

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                                                                  1. re: madisoneats

                                                                    I love those acme bags! they're washable too!

                                                                  2. Trader Joe's also sells them.

                                                                    1. Don't know where you are but here in the east A&P sells them for 99 cents. They are squarish, fold flat, have a kind of plasticy surface, and hold *a ton* of stuff. They are very very sturdy.

                                                                      1. Instead of spending money on new bags why don't you look in your closet. I use old totes that I received as a free give-away, that I think are too beat up for everyday use, or whatever I have left over from another shopping excursion.

                                                                        1. All of the major grocery stores in our area have jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon. All are roughly the same size & made out of a mesh synthetic. Very sturdy, with long handles that can go over your shoulder; they look washable within reason. They hold much more than the standard brown grocery bag. Some even have a hard reinforcement panel (removable) in the bottom. Some are "generic", and some have the name of the store imprinted on them. They cost about 99 cents each, with the purchase price deducted from the order the first time you use them. Subsequent usage results in a minimal deduction (a couple of cents) from your order for each bag used in that order. I really like them, and have ended up cross-using them (an Acme bag at a Genuardi's market). No hassles from the cashiers. As stated by others on this board, they are usually placed stategically near the check out line. I roll 'em up, put a rubberband around & keep in my car for my trips to the store.

                                                                          1. To me the best -- and I've tried most of them -- are those you can find at baggubag.com in a range of colors. They are lightweight, fold up into little pouches for your bag or pocket, and hold an enormous amount of bulk and weight. Try them: they're really great!

                                                                            1. L.L.Bean has some excellent, heavy duty canvas bags. I have a large one that I refer to as my 'going to Costco" bag. They will easily handle 75# of food--that is if you can lift it and it is packed full. Not a problem at Costco, but the local supermarkets with their plastic bag mentality baggers will put about 5# in it and then start using their worthless plastic bags....

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                                                                                >>but the local supermarkets with their plastic bag mentality baggers will put about 5# in it and then start using their worthless plastic bags....<<

                                                                                It's the customers who drive this mentality and the markets' mgmt who dictate to the store front to bend over backwards in accommodating those folks. Because one never knows who is and who isn't going to demand one loaf of bread per bag, they just apply this method to just about everybody. I used to work at the markets back in the 70s-early-80s when markets were transitioning to the plastic, and everyone from little old ladies, to the self-proclaimed infirmed, to customers who didn't trust the ability of the baggers or integrity of the bags themselves.

                                                                                Costco doesn't play that game. Their policy is, "You're lucky to even get a bag, let alone an empty box or two. That's how we keep our overhead down, get it?!" All stores should take this view - we all would benefit from this in so many ways.

                                                                                1. re: bulavinaka

                                                                                  My Fred Meyer (Kroger) cashiers are great- they ask me how full I want my reusable bags to be. To which I always reply 'fill'em up'. Because I'm the type who only makes 1 trip from the car to the house.

                                                                                  BTW-I bring my reusable shopping bags to Costco! You'd be surprised what fits into them, such as those large plastic salad containers.

                                                                                  1. re: pdxgastro

                                                                                    I think you hit upon a key point - predictability. If the staff know you, they obviously know your M.O. If a shopper walks in with weathered double-bagged grocery bags (me), he's serious about loading them up. If a shopper brings in their own bags, they're conservation-minded and it may be safe to assume to load them up as well. But in big cities like LA, the majority of faces are anonymous. And although the numbers of shoppers bringing in their own bags is far higher than in the past, most still depend on the store to provide bags.

                                                                                2. re: NVJims

                                                                                  at my grocery store when they see my big reusable bag they correctly figure that yes, I really want it filled up, and that I likely don't want to put the big package of TP in a bag by itself. It works pretty well.

                                                                                3. I bought some grocery bags - neat designs at http://www.broadbaycotton.com. Cats, Dogs, Dolphins etc. Very good prices. They sell on amazon also

                                                                                  1. I almost got some from http://www.bhappybags.com/

                                                                                    However, I don't really care about the looks of grocery bags and I get free ones (of various sizes and shapes) routinely anyway. The only 2 bags that I actually spent money on were from Trader Joes red ones 4 years ago, and they are still going strong.

                                                                                    1. Envirosax! Okay, these aren't the cheapest, but they are the best! First of all they are cute. Second, since they roll up, rather than stuff (like the chico bag) they are never wrinkly. Third, they roll up so tiny you never don't want to take them. Fourth, they are STRONG AS IRON. Finally, they hold AT LEAST as much as two plastic grocery bags. Love 'em!
                                                                                      Get the big ones.

                                                                                      Edit: ha ha this thread is three years old! Well, just in case anyone needs this info!

                                                                                      1. Walmart has them in the checkout lanes for $0.50. They have another model for $1.00. Their most expensive bag is only $2.00. I have four of the fifty-centers in WalMart blue and yellow. They are actually a bit larger than a standard brown kraft grocery bag, and have both long handles to put over your shoulders, and little loopy thingies for the checker to slide over the hooks on her rotating plastic bag dispenser. Darn good deal, and they are almost indestructible. Four of them fit perfectly in the large four-wheeled 'cripple carts' that a lot of us old ladies take to the store.

                                                                                        They also fold neatly and fit into the big pocket on the back of an electric wheelchair or scooter.