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Jul 16, 2007 08:02 AM

Big Sur Questions

After reading all the posts about Big Sur, I am a little concerned about where we will eat. We like simple (not overly fancied) food and our daughter our prefers anything Asian (she does not care for the usual children's food of hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, pb&j, etc) and we can not really break the bank on every meal. Most of the post review and recommend the same few restaurants. We plan to have a breakfast at Deetjen's, a lunch at Sierra Mar , if they are back at their original location and I guess a few meals at the Big Sur Bakery. Are there any ethnic restaurants in Big Sur? Any recommended markets or deli's for picnic supplies? Also where would be a good spot for a picnic? Any other ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I am looking for places for picnic supplies as well. Anyone?

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      I thought some of the locals would respond, but I'll give it a shot! Big Sur isn't much of a town, really, it's more or less a post office, the Henry Miller museum, Nepenthe, a couple of hotels and the Big Sur Bakery. It's not far from Carmel/Monterey though. I think the Big Sur Lodge probably has some sort of concession shop, and the Big Sur Bakery seems to be a good place to pick up a picnic. I don't know of any Asian or ethnic places, and I suspect you'd have to venture into Carmel for that.

    2. Center Deli & General Store
      47520 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920
      (831) 667-2225

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      1. didn't see this until now, I'm probably late, but the Ripplewood has a really good breakfast menu, and a nice outdoor patio, and I thought I read somewhere that you can order a brown bag lunch from them. We scoured the area looking for asian, but I really didn't see anything in town, the most ethnic soudning was a latin influence at Cafe Kevah (Nepenthe) and Roadhouse