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Piatti ("Pizza, Pasta, Rodizio")

Anyone been to the new restaurant on Eglinton, just east of Yonge called Piatti? The sign says, "Pizza, Pasta, Rodizio". We walked through it, but since it was quite late and we'd already eaten, didn't have any food. It looks beautiful. Not really sure about the food, but it has some element of Brazilian style Rodizio. I think that one of the owners of Red Violin on Danforth has an interest here. I believe that it's a fixed price...$16 for lunch and $25 for dinner. I'd love to hear comments from anyone who's actually eaten here.

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  1. I heard it's all you can eat - if it's true then it seems absolutely horrible. Can anyone confirm?

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      I've had lunch at Piatti twice, both times with friends.

      The decor is nice, the service is friendly, the lunch price is a bargain for what you get. The OP is correct, based on conversation with staff, one of the owners of Red Violin is the owner of this establishment.

      This all-you-can-eat restaurant has a salad buffet, which also offers breads, smoked salmon, mussels, among other items. Pastas are made to order; two cooks take your order: you have a choice of pastas, sauces and a large number of items to be added; once the pasta is ready, servers take it to your table. They also come around offering pizzas, lasagna, risotto, etc. I was not very impressed with the risotto, but enjoyed the thin crust pizzas.

      When we went there, we ordered the pastas and split between the two of us. This way we were able to have a larger variety of dishes in a meal.

      For dessert they have a cheese chocolate pizza with berries. I personally would have preferred the pizza without cheese, but my spouse liked it with the cheese. So I believe it is a matter of personal taste. You can ask for either milk or white chocolate. We had the milk chocolate dessert pizza.

      I agree with other people that if all the dishes were prepared in advanced and were sitting on a hot buffet, the results would be horrible/disgusting. But the way Piatti does it, the food is fresh and tasty. I recommend this place.



    2. My friends and I went there last Saturday and we really liked it! There is a salad buffet and you can choose the pasta you want and combine with sauces, I chose gnocchi and agnolotti, both were really good. The pizzas are good as well and because they weren't busy we could chose the flavours we wanted. They have also (included on the rodizio) a chocolate with berries pizza for dessert.
      If you want to go for lunch go before 3pm, after this they charge $25.00.
      I highly recommend it!

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          From I can gather I think it refers to grilled items.

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            In Brazil, it is traditional for restaurants to walk around with skewer of meat. You pay a set price and you help yourself to a "salad bar" of grilled vegetables and salads, etc. and they walk around with the different types of grilled meat. The one experience I had in Rio was fantastic. That's where Rodizio comes from. Sounds like this place is mimicking this concept by walking around with pizza, etc. for offer. I haven't been to this place though, so I can't comment as to whether it's good.

          2. A group of 6 of us went there on Saturday night. It was fabulous! You start out with an excellent antipasto/salad bar, following by a design your own pasta dish with about 35 items to choose from. After that, they come around quite often with various gourmet pizzas, cannelloni, lasagne, risotto and dessert pizza. This was by far the best pasta place any one of us had ever been too. $25 for dinner is incredibly reasonable for the amount and quality of food. Drinks are pretty expensive (glass of wine $12), but it was well worth the experience. I would highly recommend it.

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                This sounds disgusting! Reminds me of stopping to eat someplace in Niagara Falls, NY, on the way to a Bills game in the 80's!

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                  I really don't get that analogy. Although I haven't eaten at Piatti, I did stop by for a quick tour when they first opened. Very pristine, modern and fresh-looking food. How does that compare to, say, Buzzy's Pizza and Wings (a fine establishment in its own right, but nothing like Piatti)?

              2. I had seen the place and decided to try it last Friday night. We arrived at 7pm and were the only people there. The salad bar is decent but the offerings are limited and somewhat redundant. The "made to order" pasta (I opted for mushrooms, green onion and zuccini in olive oil and garlic) was not terrible but the pasta was slightly overcooked and a little rubbery. The baked pastas (lasagna, canaloni) were generic and tasted like something from the pre-packaged prepared foods section at Dominion. The risotto tasted pretty good but something about it was not right - I think they added cream to acquire the creamy texture risotto is famous for, as opposed to cooking the rice in the traditional manner. And I dont even think it was arborio rice, it looked like medium or long grain to me. Very strange. The highlight was definitely the pizza - it was no Terroni, but on par with Il Fornello, Ferarro, etc. The concept has lots of potential, but I found we were constantly waiting for food to show up and when it did show up, it was a little akward. This could be becuase the place was dead when we were there and the servers all seemed to be in training. Generally, it was reasonably good food at a reasonable price. If I worked in the area, it would be a perfect, easy lunch place, but I would not go there for a nice night out.

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                    I did not find it to be reasonably good food at a reasonable price.

                    I wasn't expecting great food, just reasonably tasty with the novelty of having dishes appear at table-side. But what I got was not tasty and the novelty quickly wore off during the long gaps between server visits. Everything tasted like it had been bought frozen at Costco and heated up. Actually, come to think of it, I've had much better pasta from the freezer at Costco.

                    The "appetizer bar" was a couple salads and an assortment of grocery store antipasti -- e.g. artichokes from a can, grocery store quality salami and prosciutto, olives and so on.

                    And the service was just plain bad. When we arrived at 5:05 on a Saturday, they had just opened and the place was empty. So when the hostess showed us to a tiny table for two in a corner, I asked if we could perhaps sit at a larger table. She said no, that every other table was reserved. Well, when we left almost 2 hours later, there was only one other table in use. And had the service not been so slow, we'd have been gone long before that.

                    In 2 hours, we didn't eat much. There were 15 minute stretches between servers showing up with one small cannelloni or slice of pizza for each of us. Several times we had to actively seek out the server to find out if there would be something coming any time soon. We eventually went the design-your-own route just so we'd get more than a couple bites of something followed by a lengthy wait. Just after we'd ordered our custom pastas, a server came by the table offering sweet (chocolate/banana) pizza. Given that we were the only patrons in the place, you'd think they could make a note that we weren't likely interested in dessert till our orders had arrived. But that was just another of many examples of an amateur approach to service.

                    Little things like the server telling us we had to finish with the appetizer bar before they would start bringing the pasta/pizza to us to the bartender hoisting her skirt up in full view to adjust her pantyhose spoke volumes about the restaurant as a whole.

                    As I said, I didn't have high expectations since it's an AYCE novelty restaurant, but I've had good food and service at AYCE places. I've even had incredible food and service, like last week at Becco in New York where the unlimited servings of the three daily pastas complemented with home made antipasti actually cost less than the abominations we were served at Piatti.

                    If you're going with a group and your main goal is to get drunk, socialize and have mediocre food show up occasionally, Piatti is a good bet. If you're going for dinner, there are lots of better places to spend your $25.

                  2. Is this an appropriate question to a restaurant client after they paid? "Why was your tip low?" and demanded it to be more?! This was our Piatti Restaurant experience last night. The restaurant is almost empty on what one would expect to be a busy Friday evening (the other restaurants on the same block - Philthy McNasty and the Irish Pub were packed!) so I understand why they would be concerned about tips but to ask for more tip is just rude and would just make one write about it (oh yeah, I'm doing that right now).

                    In thinking about the dinner experience step by step, we (the group that I was with) realized that the service was a bit rushed. Were they running out of food? One of the guys in the group have gone to this restaurant before and requested for anchovies which they didn't have anymore. The salad selections were pretty standard - there's mesclun and romaine choices, two sets of tomato salad, a basket of olives, two types of bread, two types of meat - a bit hardened prosciutto and salami, grilled eggplant, and some little things (cheese, greek salad, darkened avocado salad, etc) I wasn't too wow'd about.

                    The pasta choices were much better with either preselected items to your pasta, rigatoni or whatever other pasta of your choice or you can select the items yourself for a personalized pasta selection that is served to you in a slightly deep large white plate. One would expect at least ten choices in a rodizio format but tonight it was four types of pizza, roasted mini-chicken, lasagna, risotto, cannelloni and salmon. The dessert was either roasted pineapple dashed with cinnamon sugar and a dessert pizza covered in milk and white chocolate, mozzarella cheese, a slice of banana, two thin slices of strawberry and drizzled with a raspberry-cream cheese coulis.

                    I counted that on average at every 8 minutes, the waitstaff would come by to ask if we were done. This would have been fine if we actually were done but when clearly someone has pasta on a fork about to be eaten, the question seems inappropriate - especially when it was asked four times! What message is the waitstaff sending when plates are being cleaned up forcing the one person to hurry up when there were only 6 tables occupied (approx 10% occupancy) and they were still 3 hours away from closing? Definitely NOT WORLD CLASS and NEED a whole of ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT towards the few guests who are already there.

                    This experienced was punctuated with the rude comment of "why did you tip this way?" which was uncalled for, unprofessional, forcing us with undue guilt trip, and definitely creates unwilling participants out of us moving forward. My suggestion? Don't go there unless you have wads of extra cash for tipping (the meal dinner price is $25 prix fixe) otherwise you'd get a tongue lashing by ruthless waitstaff if you even give them anything less than what they expect.

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                      Richard - I guess I didn't just catch them on a bad night. Sounds like every night is a bad night there. I wonder how long till they close.

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                      150 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

                      1. Has anyone been here recently? I'm TTC strike hampered (and Piatti is close) and I really want to go somewhere different--and I've never been to Piatti--but the most recent reviews on this thread are chilling.

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                          I went Feb.1 2008. I liked it and would go again. The antipasti bar had about 15 dishes. I liked the bocconcini cheese, grilled eggplant, red peppers, olives etc. I had 2 made to order pasta dishes with large shrimp. They were both good. And they came around with chicken and pizza. The dessert was hot pineapple from a large stick carved and the pizza described.

                          Overall the food was good. They had a wine coaster that you were supposed to flip over from green to red (or the other way around) when you were done.

                          They do change the plates A LOT. I asked why and was told the name of the restaurant means "plates" in English so this was part of their theme.

                          I haven't gone back but I would. I just don't live closeby anymore.

                          Check it out and let me know what you think.

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                            For some reason I missed your post before I posted (below)! I think our opinions pretty much line up. (And yeah, now that you mention it, they are plate-changing crazy!)

                        2. So I went to Piatti tonight and given what you pay, I think the quality of food is very good. Yes, it's uneven, some spots better than others. But given the range and the price, I'm OK with a few so-so spots and I don't really expect any one item to be fantastic. Also, all of the people who served us were polite, very nice actually and attentive. It's also obvious (even though we were there somewhat early) that the place is hurting for a dinner crowd---of course the TTC strike may not have helped.

                          So details: For the salad section, I enjoyed the avocado salad, mango salad and the bocconcini/tomato; the smoked salmon was also very nice. We made sure to try the gnocchi since it was recommended here and it is the second best gnocchi I've ever had---very light and melty and the pesto cream sauce it was paired with was perfect. I did find the pasta to be a bit rubbery but then I'm not a fan of fresh pasta because I like it al dente and you can't do that with fresh pasta. I'll also agree with the positive comments on the pizza---the cheese only was very good, thin crust and nice flavour. The cheese cannelloni was probably a little too firm in terms of the pasta but the tomato sauce it was dressed with was very good which made the dish satisfactory overall. Same with the meat lasagna, though it was more tender, it was more meaty than I like. But that's a matter of taste. Things we skipped that were offered: chicken skewers, chicken lasagna. While I found the cheese/chocolate pizza to be just OK, I was more pleased with the skewered pineapple that had been roasted with a brown sugar sauce. Very nice.

                          Overall, I think it's pretty good value for money---though probably less so if you have a small appetite.

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                            Ediblethoughts - "I did find the pasta to be a bit rubbery but then I'm not a fan of fresh pasta because I like it al dente and you can't do that with fresh pasta"

                            Actually, there's a very simple way of making fresh pasta al dente; you cook it less.

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                              Really? I'd always thought fresh pasta, because of the soft state it starts out at, will never attain a true al dente because it's already too soft when it's raw. If that makes sense. I assumed the dry, hard stuff is the only pasta that you can make truly firm but then I've never cooked with fresh pasta at home so I could be wrong.

                          2. Has anyone been here in the last month or so? I just moved to the area and I'm a pasta FIEND...if it's good then we want to go tonight!

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                              We had our office xmas lunch there today and it was awful. The place was quite full and only 2 servers for the entire restaurant. Our group alone was a party of 10 and the server would come by with a plate of cheese filled shells, except that the plate only had about 6 shells on it which meant that only half of our party would get served. Then he returned with a half empty bowl of mushroom risotto. Then about 5 slices of pizza. Honestly it was horrible. Everything was pasta. There was no meat in sight. All had the same tomato sauce. They kept waiting for us to turn over our signs and nobody did. Then they just started to bring desert which took our meal from bad to worse. Picture banana cinnimin pizza. Need I say anymore? Don't go!!! Ever!!!