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Jul 16, 2007 07:37 AM

Where should my husband eat in Pleasanton?

My husband is in Pleasanton on business....he and his buddies are trying to do a "no chain" week.....;where should they eat??

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  1. Best bet is to drive or BART to SF, Oakland, or Berkeley. Pleasanton topics:

    1. There are a lot of non chain spots that are pretty decent.

      For lunch, here are some good spots. Check out this thread.

      For dinner, I like Cafe Esin in San Ramon. Very good CA Meditrean influenced dining with great desserts. I was just there for lunch last week and it really is a nice spot. I also like Blue Agave in downtown Pleasanton on Main Street. There are a number of other places down there but I'm not as familiar with them.

      For burgers, he might like The Hopyard. It's a brew pub. Order your burgers rare even if you don't like 'em that way, cause they tend to over cook. But it can be a nice alternative to the fancier dining spots.

      1. Here's a recent thread that focused mostly on non-chain restaurants.

        1. Thanx to all for the replies ... we are going to try Hap's Steakhouse tonight.