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Jul 16, 2007 07:34 AM

Season 4 of Top Chef - In Chicago!

Just came across this article on


'Top Chef' cooks up a move to Chicago

Bravo has ordered up another season of "Top Chef," and the upcoming fourth edition of the show will be filmed in Chicago.

"We love moving the show from place to place; it gives it a completely different feel," Bravo executive Frances Berwick said in an interview after announcing the news at the annual Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. "Chicago is a hotbed of great talent and it felt like the next logical step."

Season 4 of "Top Chef" will be filmed this year, but before the brutally cold weather hits, according to Berwick. “We have figured out how to not film it in the winter – that was a prerequisite,” Berwick said.

Casting will get underway this month, and Bravo will be looking for cooking mavens in Windy City and around the country. The current season, which includes Chicago contestant Dale Levitski, is set in Miami.

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  1. Very exciting. I hope this means we'll see more of Ted Allen, who lives in Chicago. I wonder if they would tempt Rick Bayless into making an appearance.

    1. holy crap..I would enter just to go back home. But my cooking skills are pffft.

      1. Should be interesting to see where they live. Also - I wonder if they would use the Calphalon Institute as a studio for their quick fire challenges, etc. They must start shooting relatively soon if they want to get the season over before it gets cold. Only a few months left.

        1. Very exciting stuff - and the guest chef/judges are huge. I'm assuming Charlie Trotter and Rick Tramonto are possibilities?

          While I very much enjoy the show, I do hope that the producers promise themselves that they won't cast someone more interested in being the villain than winning? In all honesty, I think Stephen was interested in winning - while Wolverine and Hung are just desperate to be the Stephen character to get face time. I'd much rather have folks hungry to win and let the natural characters come to the surface eventually. Let's face it, chefs are rarely a super-sane lot.

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          1. re: Stephmo

            I agree. I wouldn't miss the drama queens. Just showcasing the cooking is enough to keep me watching.

            I guess Ted Allen now lives in Brooklyn, so this being in Chi-Town wouldn't impact him much.

            1. re: Stephmo

              Don't forget Rick Bayless, I'm sure he'll make an appearance. And Richard Melman. I, for one, can't wait for the italian beef quickfire!

              1. re: LabRat

                Heh. I'd guess someone will do a "Oak Grilled Sliced Tri-Tip in a Brioche Bun with a Port Wine/Morel Reduction Sauce."

            2. It's probably a long shot but I'm hoping Grant Achatz will be a guest judge. I'd like to see how some people might take his criticism considering he'll probalby be younger than half the contenstants.

              Rick Bayless should be a no-brainer with his credentials and having already proven his on-camera chops.

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                1. re: Claudette

                  any updates on how he's doing? i was devastated that i didn't make it to alinea when i was in chicago this summer.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    I've read a number of articles on Achatz over the past few months and even though he is going through some pretty intense thearapy from what I read he hasn't missed a day of work except when he had to fly to NYC to get some second opinions. He also has stated that he is working on developing his smell to a higher degree, in case he loses a large chunk of his taste (which is highly likely considering the type of cancer he has). He has opted out of having a large piece of his tongue removed (originally the suggested plan of action from a bunch of drs. It clearly wasn't an option for him)

                    But he seems very optimistic and in an amazing frame of mind considering what he's had to deal with.

                    I can't imagine him not being a judge on Top Chef in Chicago. He is THE chef at the moment in the area and he is an inspiration to a lot of people. If he is feeling up to it I'm sure he'll be on screen.

                    There have been a number of threads about his situation on Chowhound. But from the looks of things---next time you are in Chicago and try to go to Alinea he will be there to cook for you :)

                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      The food writer for the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Chef Grant is responding very well to his treatment. The primary tumor has shrunk by 75% in mass with chemotherapy alone. He is now undergoing the next round of treatment which includes both chemo and radiation therapies.

                      1. re: LabRat

                        that's fantastic news for him! it's also great to hear he's working on improving his olfactory sensitivity. after all, smell is the first sense we use to taste our food.