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Jul 16, 2007 07:23 AM

Good luncheon specials?

I'm wondering what Boston area restaurants have the best luncheon specials, in terms of quality but especially for getting a good amount of food for your dollar. I'm especially thinking of Asian restaurants, but I'd be interested in any cuisine. What's out there? Thanks!

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  1. For amount of food vs. dollar, in my opinion you can't beat the cafe like places and their rice plates in Chinatown. Usually ranging from lows of $5 to $7, with rice and roast meats. Specifically, I'm thinking HK Eatery, Wai Wai, Vinh Sun, China Pearl cafe, and even East Ocean City to some extent. This is a typical Chinese style "fast food" lunch, so nothing fancy but filling and tasty if you like roast duck, char sui, roast pork or chicken.

    1. Try East Asia located at 868 Broadway (Powderhouse Square) in Somerville MA. They have luncheon specials Monday to Saturday 11:30am-3pm. Prices start at a cheap $5.25 to $5.55. You get a choice of soup, choice of appetizer and they have 17 Chinese luncheon specials to choose. If you want Thai food they have 13 Thai luncheon specials. The Thai luncheon specials are $5.25 to $5.95 and are served with white rice. No appetizers or soup come with their Thai luncheon specials. Their Chinese food is very fresh and delicious. I haven't had their Thai meals. I did try their homemade Thai dumplings which were very good.

      1. I'd think an Indian buffet would provide as much food as you could ever want at a good price. I've especially enjoyed lunch buffets at Tamarind Bay, Cafe of India, and Tanjore (Cambridge), Kebab Factory and Namaskar (Somerville), and Rangoli (Allston). India Quality in Kenmore Square is also excellent but does not do a buffet at lunch.

        1. I would recommend the Jumbo Seafood Luncheon Special on Hudson Street in Chinatown. It is only $5.00 including tax and the food is wonderful. The soup and the appetizer arrive on separate dishes aside from your main entree. The Szechuan beef cannot be beat.

          The Golden Gate Lunch deal is good as well about $5 and some change. They have fewer choices though, but the space is spacious.