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Jul 16, 2007 05:44 AM

Best Pizza in Manhattan?

Want to try the best NYC pizza while in town next week. Last few times we were there we had pizza in Times Square and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.


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      1. re: bosox

        I second Lombardi's. I like the thin coal oven crust. the sauce is fresh with just the right balance of sweetness and the whole, with cheese etc is in perfect balance

    1. It's not in Manhattan, but it's pretty close. I love Grimaldi's in Bklyn.

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      1. re: LeahBaila

        I second Grimaldi's, but if we must stick to Manhattan then I would have to pick John's on Bleecker for a whole pie. And for slices, either Bleecker Street Pizza at 7th Ave (Nona Maria) or Little Italy Pizza on 43rd btw Madison and 5th.

      2. Best Pie (you sit down at a restaurant):
        Patsy's in Harlem
        Naples 45

        Best Slice (a pizzeria):
        Patsy's in Harlem
        Naples 45 (lunch time only)

        1. DEANs--It's my new favorite after a flawless pie (get the square one, not the round) on Saturday night. A $16 pie can feed four....or two very hungry souls....

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          1. re: Will4Food

            As I've said in the past, my favorite "regular" slice is from Italian Village on 1st Ave between 79+80 streets on the east side of the street. Their plain pizza (what I use to judge all pizza) is delcicous, but they make an onon slice that has sauteed onions. Fantastic.

          2. best pizza in Manhattan is johns :^)

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            1. re: maxpeck

              Best Sicilian slice - Royal on 3rd and 39th