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Jul 16, 2007 05:38 AM

DC - 19th and L area (+/- a block)

Meeting a friend for lunch on a weekday at noon. Want a place with good food but would like a tablecloth/conversation place and spend about $20 more or less for each of us. Ideas?

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  1. You're going to have a hard time keeping it to $20 in that 'hood if you want a place with a waiter, those within a block (Vidalia, Prime Rib) are more $$$$.

    Either extend your range beyond one block or settle for a sandwich shop. Give Cafe Lombardy a shot at Penn & 20th, $20 should get you a burger or entree salad along with a drink.

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      Thanks to all for the suggestions!


    2. Not too far from there is I think is the new Vapiano---good pizzas, pasta, and salads with outdoor seating. Not tablecloths but outdoor seating in a cool atmosphere.

      Also you might want to consider Penang...not to far from that area. Good pan-asian cuisine. And Mei Thai..really yummy Thai.

      You really should consider heading closer into Dupont to find more reasonable prices with good food. Because directly where you are will be a little difficult...tends to be more expensive restaurants at 19th and L.

      1. Split a pizza at Luigi's, some cold appetizers maybe, or sandwiches. Nothing special, but reasonably priced and they've been around forever.

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            Luigi's also has great sauteed spinach with garlic, olive oil and pine nuts.

        1. Nooshi is very fine Pan-Asian on 19th below M St.

          1. I work right at that address; yes $20 pp is hard to stick to. I like Panache, 1725 DeSales St. (the street at the side entrance to the Mayflower Hotel). I had two tapas and my friend had a Caeser Salad with Calamari. The food was fine but you'll have to drink water to stay to $20. Ordering one of the full entrees puts it over $20. It's really attractive and the service was god.