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DC - 19th and L area (+/- a block)

Meeting a friend for lunch on a weekday at noon. Want a place with good food but would like a tablecloth/conversation place and spend about $20 more or less for each of us. Ideas?

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  1. You're going to have a hard time keeping it to $20 in that 'hood if you want a place with a waiter, those within a block (Vidalia, Prime Rib) are more $$$$.

    Either extend your range beyond one block or settle for a sandwich shop. Give Cafe Lombardy a shot at Penn & 20th, $20 should get you a burger or entree salad along with a drink. http://www.hotellombardy.com/cafe_lom...

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      Thanks to all for the suggestions!


    2. Not too far from there is I think is the new Vapiano---good pizzas, pasta, and salads with outdoor seating. Not tablecloths but outdoor seating in a cool atmosphere.

      Also you might want to consider Penang...not to far from that area. Good pan-asian cuisine. And Mei Thai..really yummy Thai.

      You really should consider heading closer into Dupont to find more reasonable prices with good food. Because directly where you are will be a little difficult...tends to be more expensive restaurants at 19th and L.

      1. Split a pizza at Luigi's, some cold appetizers maybe, or sandwiches. Nothing special, but reasonably priced and they've been around forever.


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            Luigi's also has great sauteed spinach with garlic, olive oil and pine nuts.

        1. Nooshi is very fine Pan-Asian on 19th below M St.

          1. I work right at that address; yes $20 pp is hard to stick to. I like Panache, 1725 DeSales St. (the street at the side entrance to the Mayflower Hotel). I had two tapas and my friend had a Caeser Salad with Calamari. The food was fine but you'll have to drink water to stay to $20. Ordering one of the full entrees puts it over $20. It's really attractive and the service was god.

            1. OK, so I missed on "today", but Restaurant Kolumia at 18th and K is perfect for exactly what you describe. And for those slightly more casual days, they have a $9 bar lunch special that's awesome.

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                Exactly the place I was going to recommend.

                Kolumbia has a great lunch deal.

              2. have you ever tried CF Folks? It's only another block away (on 19th between m and n by the Palm). It's very reasonably priced and their crab cake sandwhich is really great. Not sure if they have table cloths, but it's really good (and great value). Also, you could check out Iron Gate, which is on N street between 17th and 18th (across from Tabard Inn). It's more of a table cloth type place and good for conversation and it's got a pretty good menu as well for lunch (under $20 per person).