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Jul 16, 2007 05:30 AM


We are planning a family trip to the Capo D'Orlando area. There will be approximatley 12 of us, and we are looking for suggestions in Capo D'Orlando, Terranova, Tindari, Randazzo, or any other spots in that area. Thanks for any suggestions or help!

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  1. I can't help at the moment - but can recommend the italian touring club book on sicily - we've found some great places through it. When are you going? I'm in that area (near Patti) the second week of September so if I'm there before you and find anywhere good I will let you know - could you do vice versa if you are out there before me?

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      We are going the middle of October, so I look forward to hearing of your trip.

    2. I was in the Aiollian islands last summer, are you going to any? If you are landing in Catania, I recommend you to avoid the big places serving heaps and heaps of food. Trust your instincts, don't hesitate to step off the beaten path. There are incredible little eateries. It is really funny, but if you ask the chef what they have for that day, he will grab you by the arm, take you into the kitchen and walk you around between the various cooks and their stations and show you, scooping food from pans, opening refridgerators, pointing at all the super fresh seafood just off the boats that same day. Oh, I'm back in my dreaming to go again.

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        Thanks for the trip. It seems like we've been planning so long, it's hard to believe it's almost trip time!

      2. Hi there, I've been back a couple of weeks now and just haven't managed to figure out a good way to say this. We didn't eat out once that week. Sorry. We found a great fishmonger and a butcher I wish I could have brought home. What with them and the great salami/cheese (another good shop) we didn't feel the need to drive to search out somewhere to eat.

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          Thanks for the update. I've heard that before -- thanks for the confirmation!

        2. I'd recommend buying the slow food movement book entitled "Osterie d'Italia." They have great restaurants, as well as notes on notable cafes, pasticcerie, etc. We were just in Sicily this past August, but spent most of our time in the Southeast. By far my favorite town was Noto. We planned our itinerary using this book. We'd find towns looked interesting and that had good restaurants and then would find a B&B to spend the night at. In the morning we'd have a brioche with granita (btw, the Caffe Sicilia in Noto has the most amazing almond granita), something light for lunch (it was hot!) and then a fabulous dinner at a slow food restaurant. We had very notable meals in Noto (the best pasta alla norma-- eggplants, ricotta salata, yum!-- of the whole trip), Castelbuono (very fresh tasting pasta sauce with pistachios and tomatoes), and in Ficuzza, right outside Corleone (the restaurant is a converted old rail station with amazing food). We also had the best gelato of my life in Bronte-- a nondescript cafe/gelateria on Corso Umberto I-- but wow, what pistachio gelato! unfortunately I can't remember the name of any of these places, but they are all in the slow food book (and no, i'm not in any way affiliated with slow food!) I still haven't had a good meal since we came back from Siciliy-- the food is just fabulous there!

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            Thanks for the tips -- I can hardly wait!