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Jul 16, 2007 05:15 AM

Mediterranean Grilled Fish

Friends are going out to catch up with a friend who just did a tour of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece and to see pics from said trip. We all want to go somewhere that is a Medit type of cookery. Maybe for lunch maybe for supper.
The goal: Fresh grilled fish (not fried, grilled, pref over coals) served with EVOO and lemon.
Where is the best place for this?

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  1. We had fanatstic fresh fish grilled with EVOO, herbs and lemon at Zucca. There were several types of fish on offer. Also, really nice people running this neighbourhood spot.

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    1. re: Rabbit

      I second Zucca for sure...or you can try Joso's for more of an exciting 'see and be seen' type deal, as well as Chiado or Vertical if you are doing lunch dowtown.

    2. Don't forget Phoebe's Zee Grill on Mount Pleasant for excellent fish, great service and very pleasant atmosphere.

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      1. re: edibleTO

        I suggest Pantheon on the Danforth. Simple grilled fish the way you describe. Enjoy

        1. re: robb

          I can't agree with Pantheon, especially if they've recently been in Greece. I tried it based on several CH recs and was completely underwhelmed. I didn't have the grilled fish, but the rest of the menu didn't touch even the worst food I had in Greece. (not that there really was any)

          That said, defintely agree with Chiado or Zucca. I also recently had an amazing grilled fish at POP Bistro on Queen St. East. But Chiado would be my fist choice.

          1. re: dinin and dishin

            Pantheon does grilled fish very well - I was there on Friday night and we thoroughly enjoyed a grilled sea bass which was also very reasonably priced. In addition they had a selection of mullets, red snapper and rainbow trouts

            The atmosphere is also very vivacious and lends itself well to groups.

      2. Definately Chiado - amazing whole grilled fish. Excellent selection of Portugese wine. Stellar service.

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        1. re: mightycheesehead

          Quince or Il Mulino. Chiado is a great option too.

        2. I am making a list as I read' any more. These are all great. I will check out their locations; decide and then post back.

          1. Chiado looks great but online loos quite formal. They were going for more rustic. What do you think now?

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            1. re: itryalot

              Another option would be Il Posto, which is in a courtyard off Yorkville, in Hazelton Lanes. A bit more pricey than what has been suggested (which are all good places, especially Joso's and Zucca).

              1. re: itryalot

                Try Bairrada on College. It's a very informal Portuguese restaurant with a good grill and great patio out back. It gets mixed reviews on its piri piri chicken on this board, but I love the place anyway. The grilled fish is very good - and their sardines are delicious and cheap.

                1. re: Nyleve

                  Hey itryalot: Josos on Davenport and Avenue Road is a great little gem with fantastic fresh frish med style and very eclectic surroundings.

                2. re: itryalot

                  Depends what you mean by formal. The service at Chiado is very old school in a mediterranean (as compared to French) way, but I showed up without a jacket and tie one night, and had no problem. The vibe in the room is certainly not raucous - it is for 'adults' - but it's not a temple, either. It is, however, one of my favourite places in the city.

                  1. re: hungry_pangolin

                    Then I don't feel so bad. We will be all adults and will not be wearing cut off jeans and tshirts, but don't want to dress smart casual. Some places online look more like a jacket and tie kind of place.

                    1. re: hungry_pangolin

                      Oops- we DO want to dress smart casual.

                      1. re: itryalot

                        I was at Chiado a little while ago, there were actually some people in jeans. Nice, non-ripped jeans, but jean nonetheless. I wouldn't consider it "formal" at all. I think that I might have seen 1 suit jacket there. The waiters definately outdress the patrons. There is also a good level of noise due to talking/kitchen/music, so its not like it is quiet. There are a fair number of parties of 4+ people, usually celebrating something, so its actually a nice, celebratory atmosphere. As well, the chairs are really comfortable, so having a long, non-rushed dinner does not result in a sore bottom.

                        1. re: mightycheesehead

                          I am feeling good about that one then.

                          1. re: itryalot

                            I wear jean + jacket when I go to Chiado. They have no problem. The servers at Chiado are very nice !

                            1. re: skylineR33

                              I don't know of any joint in Toronto nowadays that insists that you be dressed up. All you need is to be dressed up in your pocket - with either a credit card or ready cash.

                              1. re: juno

                                I am fine with that then! We will be deciding at our coffee night tonight and booking for next week. I'll report back after dining.