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Jul 16, 2007 02:09 AM

Peppercorns in Edmonton

As some of you may have noticed, this is a part of a continuing series of posts from a foodie who has moved back to Edmonchuck after 20 years away. I apologize if I seem dumb or difficult. That said I want to buy some pepper. And, if there is any way possible, I would rather buy it from a local store than from some megamart on the internet. I would like some nice Tellicherry pepper but if you know of a place that sells Malaysian pepper or any of those spicy peppers from Vietnam I want to know about that too. I want some good pepper. Great pepper is a joy the way great sea salt is. Some of you know that. Some of you can help me. Please.

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  1. You might be able to find some Vietnam peppers in one of the grocery stores in Chinatown; most of them are run by Vietnamese immigrants.

    1. I am always surprised at what Home Sense has in the salt, pepper and sauce department. I buy plenty of good salt and good peppercorns there. I just picked up a bag of Tellicherry pepercorns from the southside Home Sense last month.

      1. You may want to try Zenari's downstairs in Manulife. They sell a small selection of 'gourmet' style sauces, condiments, spices, etc, and I have seen them carry a few types of peppercorns.