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Jul 15, 2007 09:36 PM

Freezing Pasta Dough

I know pasta can be frozen. Today I made a pound of dough and rolled out half of it into lasagna sheets. I was feeling lazy, did not want to roll out and cut the rest of the dough before freezing and just wrapped up the ball and shoved it in the freezer.

Any pitfalls freezing the ball or should I have just tossed it?

Take Care

- P.

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  1. Only pitfall I can think of is the possibility of the dough's drying out, which can be tricky to rectify. I've never frozen unprocessed dough, but I have had some that was just wrapped up and refrigerated, and by the time I got around to rolling it out it was kinda crumbly. That time I just sprinkled on some water (seems to me I used a misting bottle), re-wrapped it and let it sit. It rolled out fine, maybe even better than fresh.

    No, don't go throwing out good dough! As long as it's not growing blue fuzz or something, it's always worth saving. I think my dried-out refrigerated stuff was well over a week old.

    1. Just move it into the frig the day before you want to roll it out then take it out of the frig a couple of hours ahead of time. Should be fine to use, though I wouldn't keep it frozen for longer than a few months.