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Jul 15, 2007 09:16 PM

Turquoise/Cafe Europa--Pacific Beach

Finally had a chance to check this place out in North PB on Saturday....cannot give a full comment on the food as I only had a penne pasta dish (wihich was pretty good) with a couple of glasses of Pinot. However, with all the talk of Anthology(?) in Little Italy being a combination restaurant/place to catch some live music, I would have to chime in with a couple of thumbs up for this place. The menu did look fairly extensive (primarily tapas and a couple of entrees) and they offer a good wine selection (along with sangria). In terms of the crowd, it was probably 1/3 people in their 20's and 2/3 people in the 30's/40's/and up. Good mix of people, very nice ambience (much more mellower and less pretentious than the downstairs at Jack's La Jolla and more roomy and less crowded at the bar than a Cafe Sevilla) and they were playing fusion jazz. Will definitely return and try something else on the menu...just stumbled into the place on my way home and glad I did.

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  1. It's great to hear El Chevere! Finally PB is starting to show some life besides the college bar food! I drive by Mama Mia's every night after closing hours, and there is still a line to get in the place...hopefully the staff does not burn out.

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      I like this place. I live a few blocks away and I enjoy going there for a drink at the bar and an apetizers. It is also a nice place to take a date... The wine selection could be better though... I feel that there are too many generic names ( such as Louis Jadot )... I wish more bars/ restaurants in San Diego would try harder when it comes to their wine selection.. come on, there are hundreds of small, boutique wineries outhere... But overal, a very nice place that I will continue to patronize.

    2. I couldn't agree more!!!! The Turquoise Café Bar Europa is one of my favorite restaurants in PB. It is not like anywhere else in the beach area as it is more sophisticated and elegant. There is live music every night of the week! My friends and I love coming here for “Lady’s Night Out”! I would recommend something from the menu, but honestly I love EVERYTHING! There are tons of tapas and wines to choice from. Their food is always fresh and the service is great, the whole staff is so friendly. I will mention that on Thursday, Friday & Saturday night after 10pm the restaurant can get pretty noisy with the live music and energetic crowd. If you haven’t been to The Turquoise yet you have to try it out and see what I’m talking about.